Five Eyes Countries 2022

The Five Eyes, often known as FVEY, is a coalition of countries led by the United States that focuses on counterterrorism. This is military intelligence, human intelligence, and signals joint intelligence effort.

When the United Kingdom and United States of America (UKUSA) signed a secret agreement in 1946 called the United Kingdom-United States of America Agreement (UKUSA), the history of FVEY may be traced back to that agreement.

Five Eyes Countries 2022

Officially adopted in 1946, the UK-USA Agreement was expanded to include additional countries. Five countries are a member of the FVEY alliance. Countries included in this group include the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Australia monitors South and East Asia. Canada keeps tabs on Russia, China, & Latin America. New Zealand is in charge of keeping tabs on Southeast Asia and the western Pacific Ocean. The United Kingdom keeps an eye on Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Hong Kong.

Finally, the United States keeps tabs on China, the Middle East, Russia, Africa, and the Caribbean. FVEY has kept tabs on a slew of notable figures throughout the years.

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The NSA monitored musicians John Lennon, comedian Charlie Chaplin, actress Jane Fonda, and Princess Diana.

United States338289.8570
United Kingdom67508.9360
New Zealand5185.2880

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