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The capital in Scotland, Edinburgh, is situated in Lothian along the Firth of Forth’s southern shoreline.

Edinburgh is regarded as one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom with a population of over 500,000. The city is the second-largest monetary center of the United Kingdom, after London.

Edinburgh is home to a variety of amazing attractions, including Edinburgh Castle, Museum of Scotland, Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh Waverley railway station, and many more.

Based upon our research, Edinburgh’s population will be 514,602 by July 1 from 2021. One day in July each year because the Office for National Statistics (ONS) usually publishes estimates of the number of people in the same time frame.

This was calculated based upon the average rate of growth of 0.59 percent over the past 10 years starting in 2011. We believe that using the most recent numbers from the previous years (see our table in the next section) will help make the estimate more precise.

The population of Edinburgh

If we look back at the last ten years, the increase rate in Edinburgh has been constant and low figures ranging from 0.36 percent to 1.03 percent, which adds between 1,800 and 4,950 people to the total population each year. The reason for the increase we believe is the organic growth that the city has experienced.

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Demographics of Edinburgh

Based on Census data from the UK Census 2011, 91.7 percent of the population in Edinburgh are White, 2.7% of the population are Polish, 1.7% of the population belongs to China, Indians make up 1.4 percent of the population of Edinburgh. 1.2 percent of the population are from Pakistan, 0.3% of those are Bangladeshis. 1.6 percent of Edinburgh’s population comes from various African nations and over 3,700 inhabitants in the city hail from the United States.

According to the religion of one, 43.0% of the inhabitants of Edinburgh have been identified as Christian, 2.6% of the population are followers of the Islamic religion, while the remainder is followers of other religions.

Population Density of Edinburgh

The population density in Edinburgh is 4,730 inhabitants per square mile. This makes it the second-largest city in Scotland following Glasgow.

Facts About Edinburgh

  1. Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle stands on a huge rock, which is believed to be an extinct volcano which hasn’t active for more than 350 million years.
  2. Since Edinburgh was a thriving industrial zone and was a popular tourist destination, the haze of fire always covered the city. To avoid such situations, Edinburgh made the first brigade, and was the first city in Europe to offer fire protection.
  3. Edinburgh is the city that was first in the world to receive the title in the form of UNESCO City of Literature. Many famous writers such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Murial Spark, Irvine Welsh, etc. were born in the city.
  4. The famous writer J.K Rowling, wrote the original Harry Potter book in an Edinburgh cafe.
  5. Edinburgh Zoo is the exclusive animal park in the UK that is home to koalas as well as pandas.
  6. Edinburgh is known as the capital in Scotland and the animal that is the national of Scotland is the unicorn.
  7. The chapel is situated within the limits within the boundaries Edinburgh Castle, St Margaret’s Chapel is the oldest and longest-lasting structure in Edinburgh.
  8. George Bryce, a murderer was the final man to be executed publicly in Edinburgh in 1867.
  9. Greyfriars Bobby The Edinburgh dog is the only dog that has earned Freedom of the City in the entire UK.
  10. Edinburgh has the most trees per person more than other cities in the United Kingdom


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