Countries With Free College 2022

Those in the U.s. And other countries with college tuition fees are well aware of the high expense of attending a university. The cost of education may go into the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, which can be reduced by financial aid.

To pay for their education, many of these students must take out student loans and make several hundred dollars monthly payments.

Some nations do not charge students to attend college, but there are others. There are several democratic socialist nations in these countries. Residents of these countries are entitled to free public education and health care, among other government-sponsored benefits.

To take advantage of these changes, students from the U.s. And abroad with high college tuition expenses, go overseas to study.

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Several nations provide free tuition to overseas students and free education for their citizens in the countries listed above. The language of instruction in many free college courses is the country’s native tongue. The following countries all provide free higher education to overseas students:

  • Brazil: Classes are taught in Portuguese
  • Czech Republic: Classes taught in the Czech language are free
  • Finland
  • France: Free classes available to European Union citizens
  • Germany
  • Greece: Classes are taught in Greek
  • Iceland
  • Kenya: Free tuition available to high-scoring secondary school students
  • Luxembourg
  • Norway: Tuition is free, but living expenses come at a very high cost
  • Panama
  • Slovenia: Free education for EU citizens
  • Sweden: Free education for EU citizens

CountryFree Tuition (Citizens)Free Tuition (International Students)2022 Population
BrazilYesYes, but classes are taught in Portuguese.215353.5930
Czech RepublicYesFree tuition in the Czech language, not free in other languages.10736.7840
FranceYesAvailable to all European Union (EU) citizens.65584.5180
GreeceYesYes, but classes are taught in Greek.10316.6370
KenyaYesFree public tuition for high-scoring secondary school students.56215.2210
NorwayYesYes, but living expenses are high.5511.3700
SloveniaYesAvailable to all EU citizens.2078.0340
SwedenYesAvailable to all EU citizens. Ph.D. programs are tuition-free.10218.9710
United KingdomYes68497.9070

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