Countries with Blue and White Flags 2022


Argentina is one of several nations whose flags also have blue and white stripes. These national emblems, like the flags of most countries, represent a larger ideal or message.

Legend has it that a solitary white cloud appeared in the pure blue sky over a liberation demonstration in Argentina during the country’s fight against Spain. Thus, the blue of Argentina’s flag signifies the sky, while the white represents the cloud and, more importantly, the country’s freedom.


The flags of the Federated States of Micronesia are similarly blue and white. The flag’s blue colour stands for the Pacific Ocean, while the white stars signify the confederation of states.

El Salvador

El Salvador is another nation whose flag is blue and white. The white background of the flag represents peace and international solidarity, while the blue represents the sky above El Salvador and the two seas that border Central America.


Greece’s flag is blue to reflect the surrounding seas, as is customary for nations whose flags are mostly white. Since the majority of Greeks are Orthodox Christians, the flag features a distinctive white cross.


The flag of Somalia represents the country’s call for unification and has blue to symbolise both the Indian Ocean and the sky.


The horizontal blue cross on the white background of the Finnish flag is one of the simplest and most recognisable national flags in the world. There are numerous lakes in the nation, and the blue of the flag represents them, while the white represents snow.


To show their commitment to peace, Nicaragua’s national flag has a thin white band running horizontally across the whole banner. The Caribbean Sea to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the north is represented by the two blue horizontal strips.


Blue stripes on the Guatemalan flag are designed to signify the country’s strategic position between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The white line between the blue ones represents innocence and tranquilly.


Several interpretations were offered for Uruguay’s national flag. The 13 founding colonies and the first nine departments are represented by the flag’s blue and white horizontal stripes.

San Marino

San Marino is another nation whose flag is mostly blue and white. Blue on the flag stands for freedom and independence, while white denotes peace.


Honduras’ national flag, a blue and white horizontal bicolor, represents the country’s proximity to the ocean (the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean). The design’s white ring stands for the nation and the ideals of peace and prosperity within it.

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The white background of the Israeli flag depicts the country itself, while the blue represents the Euphrates and Nile rivers.

Country2022 Population
El Salvador6336.3920
San Marino33.6600

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