Countries With Birthright Citizenship 2022

A government policy is known as birthright citizenship grants automatic citizenship to every child born inside the boundaries or territory of a nation, even if neither of the parents is a citizen.

Currently, jus soli, the term for unrestricted birthright citizenship, is used in 33 countries (plus two territories) across the globe, whereas birthright citizenship in another 32 countries is limited in some way (see table after body text).

Citizenship through Naturalization (jus soli) is the law in every country in the world.

In the following countries, birthright citizenship is unrestricted: Antigua and Barbuda; Argentina; Barbados; Belize; Bolivia; Brazil; Canada; Chad; Costa Rica; Cuba; Dominica; Ecuador; El Salvador; Fiji; Guatemala; Guyana; Honduras; Jamaica; Lesotho; Mexico; Nicaragua; Paraguay; Puerto Rico; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia; St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Trinidad and Tobago; Tuvalu; the United States; and Venezuela.

Birthright citizenship’s subtleties

North and South America are home to the vast majority of countries that provide citizenship by birth. Colonies in the New World began to implement more permissive and welcoming citizenship regulations in the colonial era, according to several historians and academics.

The offspring of foreign ambassadors or other diplomats serving in a nation for employment are commonly barred from birthright citizenship, as should be mentioned.

There are a number of additional countries that may provide birthright citizenship to its inhabitants. When a kid is orphaned, countries like Luxembourg, Guinea-Bissau, Azerbaijan, and Chad may issue jus soli.

Until the age of 18, when the kid has the option to choose either their parents’ or Chad’s citizenship, children in Chad enjoy jus soli. At birth in Tanzania, children are given the option of dual citizenship until they become 18, at which point they must choose one or the other.

The advantages of residing in a nation that grants citizenship to its residents born there.

Anyone born in a nation that respects birthright citizenship has citizenship automatically, which is a substantial perk of doing so.

An important advantage of this is that it may provide the kid important legal rights, such as protection against unwanted extradition or access to social services that they would not have had before.

Expectant parents are often forced to relocate to a nation that gives birthright citizenship because of advantages like these.

There are situations when, depending on the circumstances of their existing condition, individuals may easily give birth in a foreign nation, provided that it grants birthright citizenship.

How do the law of the land and the law of the blood differ.

Jus sanguinis, as opposed to jus soli, provides citizenship if either one or both parents are citizens of the nation in question.

Poland (both parents), Andorra (mother), Bahrain (father), and Iran are just a few examples (father). An example of this is a person’s citizenship being established through inheritance rather than residency.

In which nations do the concepts of birthright citizenship and the rule of law (also known as jus sanguinis) operate?

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a Caribbean republic with three options to become a citizen. One option is to make use of the right to naturalization at birth. By virtue of their date of birth, everyone born in Antigua and Barbuda before October 31, 1981, is automatically deemed a citizen.

Naturalization and descent (having a citizen parent or grandparent) are the other two paths to citizenship (three years with a citizen spouse or seven years unmarried in the country are acceptable options for obtaining citizenship).

There are still two ways to become a citizen. However, they still require you to take an active role in obtaining your citizenship rather than just inheriting it at birth.


As a result of the Pakistan Citizenship Act of 1951, anybody born in Pakistan is automatically and legally regarded as a citizen of Pakistan, even if they were born before the Act came into effect. It is also possible to become a Pakistani citizen via naturalization or lawful migration.

Pakistan’s three routes to citizenship are strikingly similar to those of many other nations throughout the globe.

United States

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In 1868, the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, which established birthright citizenship for anyone born in the United States.

As a result of the 14th Amendment, all former slaves in the United States became citizens of the United States, as well as any child born on U.S. soil (meaning any state or territory).

CountryType of Birthright CitizenshipDetails2022 Population
Antigua and BarbudaUnrestricted (jus soli)99.5090
ArgentinaUnrestricted (jus soli)46010.2340
AustraliaRestrictedIf one parent is citizen or permanent resident or if child has lived in country for 10 years.26068.7920
BahrainRestrictedIf father was born in Bahrain.1783.9830
BarbadosUnrestricted (jus soli)288.0230
BelizeUnrestricted (jus soli)412.1900
BoliviaUnrestricted (jus soli)11992.6560
BrazilUnrestricted (jus soli)215353.5930
CambodiaRestrictedIf parents are living legally in Cambodia.17168.6390
CanadaUnrestricted (jus soli)38388.4190
ChadUnrestricted (jus soli)Unrestricted, but child chooses to opt in or out at age 18.17413.5800
ChileUnrestricted (jus soli)Child can choose to opt in or out.19250.1950
ColombiaRestrictedIf one parent is citizen or legal resident.51512.7620
Costa RicaUnrestricted (jus soli)5182.3540
CubaUnrestricted (jus soli)11305.6520
DominicaUnrestricted (jus soli)72.3440
Dominican RepublicRestrictedMildly restricted.11056.3700
EcuadorUnrestricted (jus soli)18113.3610
EgyptRestrictedIf one parent was also born in Egypt.106156.6920
El SalvadorUnrestricted (jus soli)6550.3890
FijiUnrestricted (jus soli)909.4660
FranceRestrictedIf one parent is French citizen or born in France. Or upon 18th birthday if you've lived in France at least 5 years since age 11.65584.5180
GermanyRestrictedIf at least one parent has a permanent residence permit and has lived in Germany at least 8 years.83883.5960
GreeceRestrictedIf parents live in Greece 5-10 years and child attends preschool, or if child has unknown or no other nationality at birth.10316.6370
GrenadaUnrestricted (jus soli)113.4750
GuatemalaUnrestricted (jus soli)18584.0390
GuyanaUnrestricted (jus soli)794.0450
HondurasUnrestricted (jus soli)10221.2470
Hong KongRestrictedComplicated compatibilities with mainland China.7604.2990
IndiaRestrictedIf one parent is citizen and the other a citizen or legal migrant (as of 2020).1406631.7760
IranRestrictedIf one parent was born in Iran.86022.8370
IrelandRestrictedIf one parent is citizen of Ireland or Britain or is legal resident three of last four years.5020.1990
IsraelRestrictedChildren born in Israel who have no other citizenship can apply for Israeli citizenship between ages of 18-21.8922.8920
JamaicaUnrestricted (jus soli)2985.0940
JapanRestrictedIf born to "stateless" or unknown parents."125584.8380
LesothoUnrestricted (jus soli)2175.6990
LuxembourgRestrictedIf at least one parent was born in country, or if child has lived in country 5 straight years after the age of 12.642.3710
MacauRestrictedComplicated compatibilities with mainland China.667.4900
MalaysiaRestrictedIf one parent is a citizen or permanent resident.33181.0720
MaltaRestrictedIf one parent is citizen or born in country.444.0330
MexicoUnrestricted (jus soli)131562.7720
MongoliaRestrictedIf parents are valid residents or unidentified. Child must accept citizenship at age 16.3378.0780
MoroccoRestrictedIf parents were born in Morocco, child can register for citizenship.37772.7560
NamibiaRestrictedIf one parent was also born in or regularly lives in Namibia.2633.8740
New ZealandRestrictedIf one parent is citizen or permanent resident or if child is stateless.4898.2030
NicaraguaUnrestricted (jus soli)6779.1000
PakistanRestrictedChildren of refugees are ineligible.229488.9940
PanamaUnrestricted (jus soli)4446.9640
ParaguayUnrestricted (jus soli)7305.8430
PeruUnrestricted (jus soli)33684.2080
PortugalRestrictedIf child is born with no other nationality, or child petitions for citizenship and one parent lived in Portugal for 2+ years before child's birth.10140.5700
Saint LuciaUnrestricted (jus soli)185.1130
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesUnrestricted (jus soli)111.5510
South AfricaRestrictedIf parents are citizens or permanent residents.60756.1350
SpainRestrictedIf one parent was born in Spain or if parents are stateless.46719.1420
SudanRestrictedIf father was born in Sudan.45992.0200
TaiwanRestrictedIf parents are Taiwanese citizens or if parents are stateless or unknown.23888.5950
TanzaniaUnrestricted (jus soli)63298.5500
ThailandRestrictedIf parents are legal residents for at least five years.70078.2030
Trinidad and TobagoUnrestricted (jus soli)1406.5850
TunisiaRestrictedIf father and grandfather were born in Tunisia. Child must claim citizenship before age 20.12046.6560
TuvaluUnrestricted (jus soli)12.0660
United KingdomRestrictedIf one parent is citizen or legally settled in the country or if child has lived in country for 10 years.68497.9070
United StatesUnrestricted (jus soli)334805.2690
UruguayUnrestricted (jus soli)3496.0160
VenezuelaUnrestricted (jus soli)29266.9910

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