Countries in the Balkans 2022

Southeastern Europe is home to a collection of countries known as the Balkans or the Balkan Peninsula, named after the Balkan Mountains that divide them.

The area is bounded by the Aegean, Black, Adriatic, and Ionian seas. Southeast Europe has been used to describe this area more often. The whole land area is more than 181,000 square miles in size.

Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro are just a few of the countries that may be found entirely inside this area. Croatia, Greece, and Serbia are just a few other countries with more than half of their geographical areas here.

Italy, Romania, Slovenia, and Turkey are some of the other nations whose total land area is less than that of the Balkan peninsula. Greece, Turkey, and Italy are not considered part of the Balkans.

Countries in the Balkans 2022

Many different languages are spoken in the Balkans. Languages from the Romance family, the Turkic family, and other families like Greek are also included here. Albanians, Bosniaks, Serbs, Romanians, and Turks are only a few nationalities represented by the region’s population.

All of the countries in the Balkans are republics, and the vast majority are parliamentary democracies. All of these countries were monarchs before WWII. The economies of these countries are all open and middle-income, except Greece and Slovenia.

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More than 19 million people live in Romania, making it the most populated country in the Balkans. The population of Montenegro, with little more than 622,000, makes it the smallest country in Europe in terms of population.

Country2022 Population
Bosnia and Herzegovina3233.5260

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