Australian States | 6 States of Australia 2022

Australia, with an area of approximately 2.969 million square miles, is the largest country in Oceania and the world’s sixth-largest country. About 25.6 million individuals call this place home. Australia consists of 10 federal territories and six individual states.

There are five states on the North American continent, and the sixth is an island more than a hundred miles off the coast.

The term internal territory is used to refer to three of the federal territories that are located entirely inside the United States continental territory.

Seven other territories are considered external since they are located outside the United State’s borders. All Australians may vote for their state representative in parliament, and each state has a certain autonomy.

Australian States | 6 States of Australia 2022

In terms of landmass, Western Australia is far and away Australia’s biggest state. More than 2.5 million square kilometres of landmass make up this state. Currently, more than 2.6 million people are living there.

Perth is the state capital of Western Australia. New South Wales has more residents than any other Australian state.

More than 8.15 million people live in an area less than half the size of Western Australia. As the state capital, Sydney plays a pivotal role in New South Wales.

New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania are Australia’s six states. Only Tasmania is an island state, while the others are on the mainland.

In addition to the states, the nation also has several territories. Australian Jervis Bay Territory, Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory make up the interior areas.

Australia’s outlying territories include Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, the Australian Antarctic Territory, Cocos Islands, the Coral Sea Islands, Hear Island and McDonald Islands, and Ashmore and Cartier Islands.

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It has been suggested that Lord Howe Island and Macquarie Island become foreign territories and that Northern Australia becomes a new state. Several of its former holdings have disappeared throughout the years.

This group includes the United Nations Trust Territory of Nauru, the Territory of Papua and New Guinea, and the reorganized Central and Northern Australia (now known as the Northern Territory).

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