Central Europe Countries 2022

The Czech Republic

Czechia is another name for the nation, and that country’s capital is Prague. The Czech people are the majority, although there are also Slovaks, Poles, and Germans living there as minorities.

The Czech Crown (CZK) and the Czech language are the official currencies and languages of the Czech Republic. Overall, the Czech Republic is recognised for its rich history and stunning castles and woods.


Berlin is the capital of Germany, which is the biggest nation in Central Europe. Deutsch is the country’s official language, while the Euro is its currency.

Due to its historical and economic importance, gorgeous landscape, and fascinating culture, Germany is a popular tourist destination. It is also well-known for its wines and brews, which have won several awards.


Budapest is the capital of Hungary. The Danube River divides Budapest, a major tourist destination owing to its beautiful architecture, rich culture, and world-famous thermal baths. It is Hungarian, and also the currency is the Hungarian forint. The official language is Hungarian.


Since its inception, Liechtenstein has been one of Central Europe’s most prosperous nations, despite its small size. There is a lot to see and do in the country, although it’s not the most popular in central Europe.

Although it is a small state, it does include some beautiful landscapes, such as a network of villages and mediaeval buildings. Vaduz is the country’s capital, and the Swiss Franc is the national currency. The majority of the population is German-speaking.


Another significant country in Central Europe is the Republic of Poland. It’s noted for its high-quality education and globally recognised degrees. Since World War II, the country’s economy has fluctuated, but generally, it has prospered.

Warszawa serves as the country’s capital, and the official language is Polish (Warsaw). The currency of the nation is the zloty.


The Euro is the official currency of the Slovak Republic, whose capital is Bratislava. It is well-known for its stunning alpine landscapes and its impressive collection of historic structures. Slovak is the country’s official language.


You’ll find lovely baroque architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s main city. Despite their modest size, the Bled and Ljubljana castles are two of Slovenia’s most stunning mediaeval landmarks. Slovenian is the official language.


The country of Switzerland and its capital city, Geneva, which is home to the Red Cross, are two of Central Europe’s most well-known nations.

There are undulating mountains & frozen lakes amid the country’s beautiful geography, making it an economic powerhouse. The contemporary cultures of other European nations have a stronghold in Switzerland.


The alps are a prominent feature of Austria’s scenery, dominated by mountains and lakes. A city that was once a favourite of the Roman empire and is known for its architecture, Vienna is the capital of the Austrian Republic.

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The Euro is the currency of choice in Austria. Because of its central location in Europe, the nation has a strong economy and a vibrant cultural scene.

Country2022 Population
Czech Republic10736.7840

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