Cairns Population 2022 Statistics 

Cairns is Queensland’s fifth most populated city, with more than 150,000.

Cairns region has seen an average annual growth of 2.3 percent over the past ten years. Most Tropical North Queensland population growth occurs in the Cairns region.

Based on our research, Cairns’s population is projected to grow to 157,245 by June 2022.

We use the end of June each year because the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) follows the Australian fiscal year whenever they have released the information.

This calculation was based on an annual growth rate of 1.08 percent over the past ten years, starting in 2011. We believe that using the most recent year’s figures (see our table in the following section) will help make the estimate more precise.

The Population Growth of Cairns

In the last ten years of Cairns population, the rate of growth has been steady and robust that ranging between 0.56 percent to 1.74 percent, adding between 838-2.505 people every year to the total population.

Tourism generates lots of employment opportunities in Cairns. However, the relaxed lifestyle is also a draw for retirees who live here. One of the reasons for the increase in population is that tourism has been consistently high throughout the decades.

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Demography of Cairns

According to the census, Cairns’ top six birth countries for those living in Cairns include Australia, England, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and India.

The top five languages (other than English) spoken by people in Cairns include Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, and German.

The composition of religion in Cairns is None (25.7 percent), Catholic (21.7%) Affiliation to a religion not specified (19.7 percent), Anglican (13.0%), Buddhism (3.5%), Uniting Church (3.1 percent), Presbyterian, and Reformed (2.6%)), Christian (1.9%) other religious groups (1.3 percent) Eastern Orthodox(1.0 percent)

The density of Population of Cairns

Cairns’s density of population is 581 inhabitants per square kilometer. This is the fifth most populous city in Queensland, following Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Townsville.

Occupations and Industries

According to the census, the top occupations for those who reside within Cairns City are 20.9% Professionals, 19.6% Managers, 12.0 percent Sales employees, 11.0% Community & personal service workers, 11.0% administrative and clerical personnel, 9.1% Technicians & tradespeople, 8.8% Labourers, 4.7 percent of machinery operators and operators, 2.9% Occupation inadequately defined/not specified.

The most important industries that Cairns work in include 20.7 percent of accommodation and food, and other services. 11.6 percent Retail trading, 10.3 percent Health and Social Assistance 6.4 percent Transportation, postal and warehousing 5.9 5 % Safety and public administration, 5.1% Administrative and support services, 5.1% Professional, technical and scientific services, 4.7 Training and education, 4.6% Rental, hiring, and real estate services.

Facts About Cairns

  1. Cairns is, known as the entry point into Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, is an Australian city located in tropical North Queensland.
  2. It is believed that the Cairns area is the home of the most dangerous bird – the Cassowary, which is a giant flying bird that is famous for inflicting a fatal injury to humans and dogs when it is disturbed.
  3. Mount Bartle Frere (1622 meters) is Queensland the highest point in Queensland and is situated south of the city of Cairn.
  4. Cairn is the home of Undara National Park, which boasts the world’s most extended lava flow.
  5. Cairns is the home of the fiercest bird on earth called the Cassowary.
  6. In the wake of a “discovery” of the Great Barrier Reef in the 1970s and the climate’s attraction in the area, the tourism industry exploded in Cairns.
  7. The Cairns township Cairns was founded on the site of a fishing camp after gold was discovered in the north in 1876.
  8. Cairns are the central point in Northern Queensland.


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