Best Countries To Visit 2022

Every aspect of the earth is more extensive than our comprehension. As of this writing, there are 195 recognized nations on our planet. Visiting every country in the world would take little under four years if you spent a week there.

Most individuals do not have the leisure to go to every nation around the globe, and the staggering cost of doing so would make the idea seem even more outlandish.

Don’t set yourself up for financial failure by trying to conquer the world all at once; instead, focus on just one nation at a time.

There isn’t a single nation that doesn’t deserve a visit since each has something distinctive and unique to offer. However, it’s important to do some preliminary research to ensure that the sights you’ll be seeing coincide with your interests before deciding on a certain destination.

We’ve compiled a list of five nations that we recommend visiting.

Sri Lanka

Best Countries To Visit 2022

We place the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in the South Asian region. Although it is located on an island, Sri Lanka is considered a separate nation.

Three oceans surround Sri Lanka: the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka, located to India’s southeast, is sometimes called the teardrop of India due to the country’s resemblance to a water droplet.

The pearl of the Indian Ocean is another moniker for Sri Lanka. Historically, Sri Lanka in South Asia was known as Ceylon. Since Sri Lanka is a major tea producer, and Ceylon is a synonym for pekoe tea, which Sri Lanka is known for growing, the name was given to the nation back when it was a British colony.

Some of the world’s most impressive and beautiful landscapes can be found in Sri Lanka, and the country’s rich cultural heritage and unique way of life make it an experience you won’t soon forget. In Sri Lanka, the tourist sector is crucial to the country’s economy.

As more and more people become aware of Sri Lanka’s charm, you should research the peak tourist season to avoid crowds.

New Zealand

Best Countries To Visit 2022

Did you know that the collective name for almost 620 individual islands is New Zealand? Two of the country’s islands are much bigger than the other 600 compared to a map of the country’s territory. The North Island and the South Island are two larger islands.

In that respect, New Zealand is a relatively simple place to visit, yet there is more to the nation than its geography may lead you to believe.

New Zealand has a distinct culture and way of life since it is one of the five nations that are geographically closest to Antarctica. Despite being somewhat isolated compared to other nations, New Zealand provides every amenity imaginable.

Those interested may take part in guided tours of natural tunnels lit by glow worms, and if they plan their visit just so, they could even see the Aurora Australis. This phenomenon, often known as the Southern Lights, is the antithesis of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

Watching a dazzling display of celestial splendour arise just beyond the southern horizon of New Zealand is the stuff of legend, and you may finally experience it for yourself.

The Shire, a prominent location in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, is located in New Zealand, making the country a must-visit for movie buffs. Matamata is located on the North Island of New Zealand Waikato region.

If you’re fortunate, one or two hobbits could even be in the area. You can’t go to New Zealand and be disappointed with its jacuzzi-warm seashores and natural rock formations shaped by powerful storms.


Best Countries To Visit 2022

From an international viewpoint, Japan is known as Japan, while inside Japan, it is more often referred to as Nihon or Nippon. Japan, an island nation off the coast of Asia, consists of about 6,852 individual islands.

When travelling in Japan, you must always know where you are. The Pacific Ring of Fire, an unseen arc of volcanoes in the form of an inverted U that passes directly under Japan, is a major geological feature of the country’s geography.

It consists mostly of the western coasts of North America, Central America, and South America, as well as the eastern shores of New Zealand, Oceania, and Asia.

Therefore, the landscape of Japan is dominated by volcanoes, nearly a hundred of which are still active today. Japan is prone to earthquakes, so be on the lookout for them.

Hiking through national parks, soaking in a hot spring, and seeing cherry blossoms are just a few of the activities you might prepare for when visiting Japan. One bit of advice for visitors to Japan: never, ever pluck sakura (cherry flowers) off the trees.

Due to their cultural significance, they are a protected species in Japan. In addition to its beautiful landscapes, Japan is home to some of the world’s best martial arts schools, cutting-edge technology in the field of robotics, and some of the most delicious Asian food you’ll ever eat.


Best Countries To Visit 2022

The African nation of Morocco. As the nation with the fifth-highest population in Africa, Morocco may be found in the continent’s far western corner. Morocco is well ahead of the Western world in the cannabis scene, among many other areas where the West is lagging.

The cannabis market in Morocco is indeed a major source of revenue. Morocco is the world leader in hash oil production and manufacturing, and reefer is a name for cannabis that was first used there. Most of Morocco’s cannabis crop is grown in the Rif Mountains in the country’s north, thus the name reefer.

You should include Morocco on your travel itinerary since it is home to stunning rural areas and urban centres. For instance, the Rif Mountains are home to the Moroccan town of Chefchaouen.

It’s more stunning because of the contrast between the blue-hued roofs and the magnificent turquoise ocean. Beautiful examples of rural architecture will be open for your inspection.


Best Countries To Visit 2022

Switzerland, a European country, is home to the world’s priciest coffee. Correct If you want to know why Swiss coffee beans are so pricey, you’ll have to go to this nation in Central Europe and drink a cup of Swiss drip coffee.

Switzerland is a unique destination due to its striking contrasts with the rest of the globe. In contrast to their counterparts in the United States, teachers in Switzerland tend to earn more than their counterparts in other fields.

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Interestingly, Switzerland is the world’s largest manufacturer of LSD, the synthetic psychedelic most often associated with altered states of hearing and seeing. In addition to watches, Swiss ingenuity produced Velcro, muesli, and cellophane.

Swiss chocolate is among the best you’ll ever taste, so stock up on as much as your luggage will allow. In reality, the Nestle chocolate brand’s founder, Henri Nestle, is from Switzerland. If you believe it, Switzerland also makes chocolate gold that you can eat.

Country2022 Population
Sri Lanka21832.1430
New Zealand5185.2880

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