Arctic Countries 2022

1. Canada

Arctic Council members include Canada, one of eight Arctic countries now advocating peace in the region. The second-largest territory on the planet, including aquatic bodies, is covered by this World Federation country.

You’ll find mountains and woods in addition to glaciers. Since the 16th century, indigenous people have lived in the area, home to more than 80,000 kinds of animals.

2. Greenland

Arctic and Atlantic waters meet in Greenland, the biggest non-continental island. Greenland is a landlocked country. It is a self-governing area, yet it is still part of Denmark.

In addition to glaciers, it features meadows and a wide diversity of flora and plants. Whales of many kinds may be found in this area.

3. Iceland

Volcanic mountains cover two-thirds of the country’s area and the region’s many ice formations. Volcanic eruptions have created lava plateaus, and several glacial rivers flow through the area. Most of Iceland’s energy originates from hydroelectric and geothermic sources.

4. Norway

Several organizations have had the United States as a founding member. Other organizations include the United Nations and the Nordic Council.

There are eight nations connected to the Arctic Council, which includes Canada. The Scandinavian Peninsula’s northern and westernmost reaches account for the vast majority of its landmass.

5. Sweden

Per capita, Sweden is the 11th richest country in the world. In the north and west of the country, Norway and Finland may be found. The Oresund Straight bridge-tunnel, which links Norway and Denmark, is located here. The eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula comprises a lengthy coastline.

6. Finland

This nation in the Arctic is located on the other side of Sweden’s Gulf of Bothnia. Around 9000 BC, the first people arrived in this region, and it was affected by a variety of civilizations throughout the last glacial period.

The Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages all followed after that. Astonishingly, it boasts more than 168,000 lakes and a similar number of islands (179,000).

7. Russia

Around one-eighth of the planet’s land surface is occupied by this region. A total of 11 time zones are also found in Russia, which used to be an adversary of the United States during the Cold War from 1947 to 1991.

8. United States

It’s possible that you wouldn’t include this on a list of Arctic countries. When it freezes over with ice caps to the Canadian border, it covers a large region. Trees, woods, mountains, and more are all part of the landscape.

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Northern Alaska’s climate is one of the coldest in the United States, with two Arctic seas bordering the region.

Country2022 Population
United States334805.2690

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