Who Are The FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

The opening match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place in just a few short months, making it one of the most anticipated athletic events of all time.

From June 14 through July 15, 2018, 32 teams will compete against one another in rounds of thrilling action that will electrify fans. The winner of this competition will take home the prized trophy.

The qualification process for this international championship was not easy since there were 210 teams vying for only 31 available seats (as the hosting nation, the Russian team automatically qualifies).

A Challenging Qualifying Experience


Brazil will be the first nation to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup successfully. The success of their effort was remarkable. This occurred after they changed their administration and coaching staff, with Tite being hired as their new coach in June of 2016.

The previous World Cup that this squad competed in on their home turf was a complete and utter failure, but they have made a full and satisfying recovery since then.

In 2014, they were subjected to total and utter humiliation at the hands of eventual champion Germany as a score of 7-1 routed them. They could not bounce back from the defeat and ended up in third place as the Netherlands defeated them 3-0 and moved on to the semifinals.

It would appear that they are determined to make up for the failures of 2014. Including fresh, youthful talent has resulted in a team that appears to have better cohesion and more creative potential.

They have not suffered a defeat in any of their qualifiers, and their approach of appointing new leaders for each contest appears to be paying off for them.

They need to win one more championship to bring their total to six, adding to the five they already hold. Will they execute the plan in Russia?


Germany advanced to the next round after finishing first in their group after earning a 3-1 victory over Northern Ireland. This squad is the reigning winner of the competition; in 2014, they won the tournament in Brazil by defeating Argentina 1-0 in overtime to claim the title.

Even with the departure of stars like Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and Lukas Podolski, the squad still has several promising young players who will guarantee that the winning machine continues to churn.

In the 2016 Euro Championship semifinals, France eliminated them after suffering a 2-0 defeat. However, a young squad with just three players who had won the World Cup prevailed against a Chilean side with a lot of experience to win the Confederations Cup in Russia.

The squad has earned a reputation for playing lightning-quick football and boasting an impressive number of talented players within its ranks.

Since their embarrassing elimination in the group round of the 2004 European Championships, they have advanced to the semifinals of every major competition. Since then, they have improved their football structure and made the development of younger players a top emphasis.

The outcomes have far exceeded expectations. If they successfully defend their title in the World Cup, they will maintain their preeminence on the international scene for much longer.


After a brutal qualifying campaign, Argentina was able to go to the World Cup thanks to a three-trick scored by Lionel Messi in their match against Ecuador. During this moment, they had to switch coaches to save the ship that was sinking.

In the final match of the 2007 Copa America, they were defeated by Brazil. Even though they were considered among the tournament’s top favorites, they were eliminated by Germany in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa quarterfinals with a score of 4-0.

They were defeated in the penalty shootout at the Copa America in 2012. They were unsuccessful at the World Cup, hosted in Brazil, and fell to Germany in the championship game by a 1-0.

They failed both attempts to win the Copa America finals, falling to Chile. Their dismal performance in the qualifying rounds almost cost them a spot in the event the following year.

Argentina possesses one of the most talented teams in football at the moment, but to make history, they need to win significant awards.

This generation, which Captain Messi is presently leading, needs to step up if they want to be recognized among the greatest in Argentina. Messi is the leader of this generation.

Will There Be a Tight Fight During This Tournament?

The draw will determine who will go up against who now that some heavy hitters have been given the green light to compete. The unexpected outcomes of the qualifying matches suggest that the 2018 World Cup in Russia will be an exciting competition.

Who Are The FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

TeamDate of QualificationLast Appearance
ArgentinaOctober 10, 20172014
AustraliaNovember 15, 20172014
BelgiumSeptember 3, 20172014
BrazilMarch 28, 20172014
ColombiaOctober 10, 20172014
Costa RicaOctober 7, 20172014
CroatiaNovember 12, 20172014
DenmarkNovember 14, 20172010
EgyptOctober 8, 20171990
EnglandOctober 5, 20172014
FranceOctober 10, 20172014
GermanyOctober 5, 20172014
IcelandOctober 9, 2017
IranJune 12, 20172014
JapanAugust 31, 20172014
MexicoSeptember 1, 20172014
MoroccoNovember 11, 20171998
NigeriaOctober 7, 20172014
PanamaOctober 10, 2017
PeruNovember 15, 20171982
PolandOctober 8, 20172006
PortugalOctober 10, 20172014
RussiaDecember 2, 20102014
Saudi ArabiaSeptember 5, 20172006
SenegalNovember 10, 20172002
SerbiaOctober 9, 20172010
South KoreaSeptember 5, 20172014
SpainOctober 6, 20172014
SwedenNovember 13, 20172006
SwitzerlandNovember 12, 20172014
TunisiaNovember 11, 20172006
UruguayOctober 10, 20172014

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