US Passport Visa-Free Countries 2022

According to the 2021 Henley Passport Index, the US passport is one of the most useful travel documents, coming in at number seven. Globally, the Henley Passport Index ranks nations’ passports based on their holders’ freedom while traveling.

Passports from the Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Norway, and the United Kingdom round out the top seven.

US Passport Visa-Free Countries

Which countries do not need a visa for US citizens?

Visa-free travel will be available to residents of the United States of America in 185 countries and territories as of October 1, 2021. (though a few require a visa on arrival). If you’ve been in a certain country for a given time, you may be subject to more stringent regulations.

One of the essential things to remember while planning a trip to Europe is that US residents do not need a tourist visa to visit any of the EU’s 27 member nations, including the UK, which just departed the EU.

Countries where a visa is still required… and maybe something else.

It is customary for visitors to pay registration fees, exit taxes, and travel expenses when entering countries where visas are needed. For example, a visa is necessary to go to Russia, which may take up to three weeks to complete and cost $139 for a US citizen.

People who want to travel to several countries must be fingerprinted and photographed. The International Certificate of Vaccination is also required in Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Niger.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic in early 2020, this technique has grown more common.

Finally, some governments restrict travel based on a person’s past travel history. Israeli entrance and departure stamps in a passport may result in a denial of admission into Libya, Sudan, or Syria.

Citizens of the United States must get a visa to enter China. The trip dates, itinerary, and evidence of departure from China must be included in the application. In addition, the application must be typed and free of any modifications made by hand.

Visitors between 14 and 70 are fingerprinted when they arrive and leave the country.

What countries are restricted to American citizens?

US nationals are not allowed to go to North Korea, regardless of whether they have a visa. After a US student died after being freed from a North Korean jail, the travel restriction went into place in 2017.

There are serious consequences for breaking the laws, which include criminal fines and having one’s passport taken away from one. Passport holders from the United States must apply to the US government for a special passport validation to go to North Korea.

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Before you go, do one last check.

Before embarking on a trip, examining the visa requirements of the country you want to visit is essential. It’s also a good idea to check out any travel warnings issued by the US Department of State for nations considered hazardous.

Country Visa RequirementsTravel Advisory Level2022 Population
AfghanistanRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel40754.3880
AlbaniaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel2866.3740
AlgeriaRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel45350.1480
American SamoaETA55.0300
AndorraNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel77.4630
AngolaRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel35027.3430
AnguillaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel15.2300
Antigua and BarbudaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel99.5090
ArgentinaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel46010.2340
ArmeniaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel2971.9660
ArubaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel107.6090
AustraliaETALevel 3: Reconsider Travel26068.7920
AustriaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel9066.7100
AzerbaijanRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel10300.2050
BahamasNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel400.5160
BahrainOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel1783.9830
BangladeshOn ArrivalLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution167885.6890
BarbadosNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel288.0230
BelarusRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel9432.8000
BelgiumNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel11668.2780
BelizeNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel412.1900
BeninRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel12784.7260
BermudaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel61.9390
BhutanRequiredLevel 1: Exercise Normal Precautions787.9410
BoliviaOn ArrivalLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution11992.6560
Bosnia and HerzegovinaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel3249.3170
BotswanaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel2441.1620
BrazilNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel215353.5930
British Virgin IslandsNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel30.5960
BruneiNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel445.4310
BulgariaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel6844.5970
Burkina FasoOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel22102.8380
BurundiRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel12624.8400
CambodiaOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel17168.6390
CameroonRequiredLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution27911.5480
CanadaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel38388.4190
Cayman IslandsNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel67.2770
Central African RepublicNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel5016.6780
ChadRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel17413.5800
ChileNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel19250.1950
ChinaRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel1448471.4000
ColombiaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel51512.7620
Cook IslandsNot Required17.5710
Costa RicaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel5182.3540
CroatiaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel4059.2860
CubaRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel11305.6520
CuracaoNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel165.5290
CyprusNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel1223.3870
Czech RepublicNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel10736.7840
DenmarkNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel5834.9500
DjiboutiRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel1016.0970
DominicaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel72.3440
Dominican RepublicNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel11056.3700
DR CongoRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel95240.7920
EcuadorNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel18113.3610
EgyptOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel106156.6920
El SalvadorNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel6550.3890
Equatorial GuineaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel1496.6620
EritreaRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel3662.2440
EstoniaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel1321.9100
EswatiniNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel1184.8170
EthiopiaOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel120812.6980
Falkland IslandsNot Required3.5390
Faroe IslandsNot Required49.2330
FijiNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel909.4660
FinlandNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel5554.9600
FranceNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel65584.5180
French GuianaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel314.1690
French PolynesiaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel284.1640
GabonOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel2331.5330
GambiaOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel2558.4820
GeorgiaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel3968.7380
GermanyNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel83883.5960
GhanaRequiredLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution32395.4500
GibraltarNot Required33.7040
GreeceNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel10316.6370
GreenlandNot Required56.9730
GrenadaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel113.4750
GuamNot Required171.5190
GuatemalaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel18584.0390
GuineaRequiredLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution13865.6910
Guinea-BissauOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel2063.3670
GuyanaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel794.0450
HaitiNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel11680.2830
HondurasNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel10221.2470
Hong KongNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel7604.2990
HungaryNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel9606.2590
IcelandNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel345.3930
IndiaRequiredLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution1406631.7760
IndonesiaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel279134.5050
IranRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel86022.8370
IraqNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel42164.9650
IrelandNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel5020.1990
IsraelNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel8922.8920
ItalyNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel60262.7700
Ivory CoastRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel27742.2980
JamaicaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel2985.0940
JapanNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel125584.8380
JordanOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel10300.8690
KazakhstanNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel19205.0430
KenyaRequiredLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution56215.2210
KiribatiNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel123.4190
KuwaitOn ArrivalLevel 1: Exercise Normal Precautions4380.3260
KyrgyzstanNot RequiredLevel 1: Exercise Normal Precautions6728.2710
LaosOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel7481.0230
LatviaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel1848.8370
LebanonOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel6684.8490
LesothoNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel2175.6990
LiberiaRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel5305.1170
LibyaRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel7040.7450
LiechtensteinNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel38.3870
LithuaniaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel2661.7080
LuxembourgNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel642.3710
MadagascarOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel29178.0770
MalawiOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel20180.8390
MalaysiaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel33181.0720
MaldivesOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel540.9850
MaliRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel21473.7640
MaltaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel444.0330
Marshall IslandsNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel60.0570
MauritaniaOn ArrivalLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution4901.9810
MauritiusNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel1274.7270
MayotteNot Required286.2590
MexicoNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel131562.7720
MicronesiaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel117.4890
MoldovaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel4013.1710
MonacoNot Required39.7830
MongoliaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel3378.0780
MontenegroNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel627.9500
MontserratNot RequiredLevel 1: Exercise Normal Precautions4.9650
MoroccoNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel37772.7560
MozambiqueOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel33089.4610
MyanmarRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel55227.1430
NamibiaNot RequiredLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution2633.8740
NauruRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel10.9030
NepalOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel30225.5820
NetherlandsNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel17211.4470
New CaledoniaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel290.9150
New ZealandETALevel 3: Reconsider Travel4898.2030
NicaraguaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel6779.1000
NigerRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel26083.6600
NigeriaRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel216746.9340
NiueNot Required1.6220
North KoreaForbiddenLevel 4: Do Not Travel25990.6790
North MacedoniaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel2081.3040
Northern Mariana IslandsNot Required58.2690
NorwayNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel5511.3700
OmanNot RequiredLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution5323.9930
PakistanRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel229488.9940
PalestineNot Required5345.5410
PanamaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel4446.9640
Papua New GuineaOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel9292.1690
ParaguayOn ArrivalLevel 1: Exercise Normal Precautions7305.8430
PeruNot RequiredLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution33684.2080
PhilippinesNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel112508.9940
PolandNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel37739.7850
PortugalNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel10140.5700
Puerto RicoNot Required2829.8120
QatarNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel2979.9150
Republic of the CongoRequiredLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution5797.8050
ReunionNot Required908.0610
RomaniaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel19031.3350
RwandaOn ArrivalLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution13600.4640
Saint Kitts and NevisNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel53.8710
Saint LuciaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel185.1130
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesNot Required111.5510
SamoaOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel202.2390
San MarinoNot Required34.0850
Sao Tome and PrincipeNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel227.6790
Saudi ArabiaOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel35844.9090
SenegalNot RequiredLevel 1: Exercise Normal Precautions17653.6710
SerbiaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel8653.0160
SeychellesOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel99.4260
Sierra LeoneOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel8306.4360
SingaporeNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel5943.5460
SlovakiaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel5460.1930
SloveniaNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel2078.0340
Solomon IslandsOn Arrival721.1590
SomaliaOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel16841.7950
South AfricaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel60756.1350
South KoreaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel51329.8990
South SudanRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel11618.5110
SpainNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel46719.1420
Sri LankaETALevel 3: Reconsider Travel21575.8420
SudanRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel45992.0200
SurinameRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel596.8310
SwedenNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel10218.9710
SwitzerlandNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel8773.6370
SyriaRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel19364.8090
TaiwanNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel23888.5950
TajikistanOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel9957.4640
TanzaniaOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel63298.5500
ThailandNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel70078.2030
Timor-LesteOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel1369.4290
TogoOn ArrivalLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution8680.8370
TongaOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel107.7490
Trinidad and TobagoNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel1406.5850
TunisiaNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel12046.6560
TurkeyRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel85561.9760
TurkmenistanRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel6201.9430
Turks and Caicos IslandsNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel39.7410
TuvaluOn ArrivalLevel 4: Do Not Travel12.0660
UgandaOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel48432.8630
UkraineNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel43192.1220
United Arab EmiratesOn ArrivalLevel 3: Reconsider Travel10081.7850
United KingdomNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel68497.9070
UruguayNot RequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel3496.0160
UzbekistanNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel34382.0840
VanuatuNot RequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel321.8320
Vatican CityNot Required0.7990
VenezuelaRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel29266.9910
VietnamRequiredLevel 3: Reconsider Travel98953.5410
YemenRequiredLevel 4: Do Not Travel31154.8670
ZambiaOn ArrivalLevel 1: Exercise Normal Precautions19470.2340
ZimbabweOn ArrivalLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution15331.4280

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