Townsville Population 2022 Statistics 

Townsville is one of the cities in the north-eastern region of Queensland.

Townsville is the country’s biggest urban center to the north of the Sunshine Coast, with a town with an estimated population of 185,000.

Townsville is known for its average of 320 sunny days each year and is located near the central part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Based on our findings, Townsville’s population will be 201,120 by 2022’s end. We use the end of June each year because the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) always follows the Australian budget when they push the information.

This calculation is based on the growth rate average of 1.66 percent over the past ten years, starting from 2011. We believe that using the latest numbers from the previous years (see the table below in the next section) will help make the estimate more precise.

 Population Growth of Townsville

In the last ten years of the Townsville population, the growth rate has been highly consistent and steady that ranging from 1.23 percent to 2.36 percent, adding between 2,220-3,977 residents each year to the total population.

The main reason behind the growth in population is that tourism has been consistently high throughout the decades. Tourism provides a variety of opportunities for employment in Cairns.

In addition, the beautiful weather attracts those who are retired and younger in the area.

YearPopulationGrowth rate

Demographics of Townsville

According to census data, more than 60 percent of those living within Townsville City were born in Australia.

Other most popular countries of birth were: New Zealand, England, the Philippines, Scotland, the United States of America, India, and South Africa. The majority of those living in Townsville City speak English only.

Other top languages spoken include Greek, Cantonese, Spanish, Arabic, Filipino, and Italian.

The religions of Townsville include 26.2% Catholic, 24.4 percent no religious affiliation, 14.2% Anglican, 3.6 percent Uniting Church, and 3.4 percent Presbyterian and Reformed. 1.5 1.5% Christian, 1.2% Eastern Orthodox, 1.0% Buddhism, 1.0% Lutheran.

Population Density of Townsville

Townsville The population density is 2,59 residents per square km, which rank 4th in the most urbanized city in Queensland, following Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast.

Occupations and Industries

According to the census, the most prevalent occupations for people who live in Townsville include 28.2 percent professionals, 17.1% Managers, 14.6% Personal and community services workers, 12.4 percent Clerical and administrative employees, 11.0% Technicians & tradespeople, 5.9 sales workers, 4.6% Labourers, 4.5 machinery operators and operators, 1.7% Occupation inadequately identified/not specified.

The most important industries that residents of Townsville work in include 19.7 percent Public Administration and Safety, 12.3% Health care and social assistance, 8.9% Accommodation and food services, 7.6% Professional, technical and scientific services, 6.9 Education and training, 6.7% Construction, 6.2 percent retail business, 5.8% Manufacturing, 3.5 3.5% Mining.

Facts About Townsville

  1. Townsville was established in 1864. James Cook University (1970) is located in Townsville.
  2. Townsville is among the first cities to offer guided Segway tours of the Town Common Conservation Park, a National Park in the country, and invites visitors to ride two wheels to discover landscapes and ocean views in Town Common Conservation Park. Town Common Conservation Park.
  3. Townsville has the World’s most extensive live coral reef World.
  4. Townsville is home to an average of sunny days in a year.
  5. The year 1896 was when Japan set up its first Australian consulate at Townsville to provide services to around 4,400 Japanese workers.
  6. Townsville has the Guinness World Record for the longest Horns in the World. The town’s famous Texas Longhorn steer, named JR, was officially certified by Guinness World Records in 2011 to have the longest horns, measured from tip to tip of all cattle worldwide.
  7. Townsville is the location of one of Australia’s most important military bases.
  8. Paluma is home to Little Crystal Creek, the top swimming spot within Townsville. Paluma is also an excellent bird watching strolling, barbecuing, or picnics.


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