Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Solo Female Travelers

The Travel Industry Association estimates that around 32 million American women travel alone each year. Safety is important, whether you’re traveling alone or with a group.

Unfortunately, female tourists are at risk in many nations across the globe. Several high-profile events, such as the savage murder of a 26-year-old German tourist in Thailand or the execution of two Scandinavian women in Morocco, have highlighted the risks that women confront while going overseas in particular nations.

Asher and Lyric Fergusson, husband and wife journalists, investigated and evaluated the 10 most famous tourist locations in an effort to identify which countries are the most unsafe for female tourists.

Each country was rated based on eight factors: street safety for women, purposeful killing of women, non-partner sexual assault, intimate relationship sexual abuse, legal discrimination, worldwide gender gap, gender inequality index, and attitudes toward violence against women.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Solo Female Travelers in 2022:

1. South Africa

South Africa is the world’s most dangerous nation for female solo travelers. Only a 25percent of South African women feel secure traveling alone at nighttime, the lowest percentage of any nation. Sexual violence is well-known in South Africa.

Over 40percent of a total of South African women are believed to be raped at some point throughout their lives. South Africa was also rated the worst in the world for female murder. The only nation to get an “F” on the ranking was South Africa.

2. Brazil

Brazil is the second most dangerous nation for women in the world. Only 28% of women feel safe strolling alone at night, and the nation has the third-highest incidence of deliberate murder against women in the world.

Brazil was also rated second in the world for the proportion of women who have been physically or sexually abused by intimate partners, with 36.9%.

3. Russia

Russia has the world’s second-highest rate of planned killing against women, which is the main reason for the country’s third-place ranking.

Russia is also one of the top ten nations in the world with laws and regulations that restrict women’s participation in society and the economy.

4. Mexico

Mexico is the fourth most dangerous country for women overall, as well as the fourth most dangerous for the proportion of women who feel comfortable strolling at night and deliberate murder against women.

In Mexico, just approximately 33% of women feel comfortable going alone at night. Mexico is also ranked third in the world for non-partner sexual abuse, which affects roughly 16% of women.

5. Iran

Iran’s ranking as the most harmful nation is partly due to the country’s next ranking for gender discrimination.

In economic involvement, educational achievement, health, and political empowerment, this score compares men and women. Iran also came in third in terms of legislative discrimination against women.

6. The Dominican Republic

At 33%, the Dominican Republic has the fifth-lowest proportion of women who feel secure traveling alone at night and the fifth-highest incidence of deliberate murder against women.

The Dominican Republic is also ranked sixth in terms of gender disparity, which is determined by factors such as health, empowerment, and the labor market.

7. Egypt

Egypt is seventh on the list of the most unsafe countries for female travelers. Egypt has the world’s fourth-largest gender disparity and seventh-largest gender inequality. Only 47% of women said they felt comfortable going by themselves at night.

Egypt is also ranked seventh in terms of rules and regulations that restrict women’s participation in society and the economy.

8. Morocco

Moroccan women, with the greatest proportion on the list, are subjected to physical or sexual assault by their intimate partners.

In the tenth-highest ranking of the nations examined, almost 32% of women feel that violence against women is permissible in certain situations. Morocco is also ranked eighth in the world when it comes to legal discrimination against women.

9. India

India ranks ninth in terms of intimate partner violence, with a rate of 37.2 percent. India is ranked #1 in the gender inequality index. Under some situations, a husband or spouse might be justified in hitting their wife or partner, according to almost 45 percent of Indian women polled.

10. Thailand

Thailand comes in at number 10 on our list of the most hazardous nations for women. Thailand is ranked second in the world for the number of women who have experienced intimate partner abuse (about 44 percent).

Furthermore, the biggest percentage of women in the 50 nations analyzed agreed that violence against women is permissible in certain cases.

Most Dangerous Countries For Women 2022

CountryWomen’s Danger Index Street SafetyIntentional HomicideNon-Partner Sexual ViolenceIntimate Partner Sexual ViolenceLegal DiscriminationGlobal Gender GapGender InequalityAttitudes Toward Violence
South Africa771.821001001005628597456
Dominican Republic551.32893559502873867
Saudi Arabia524.36561330601001004552
United States456.315125758124683621
United Arab Emirates450.665113263087844452
South Korea366.98518703120841231
Czech Republic325.33477234730752420
United Kingdom296.853110406415552220

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