The World’s Leading Tomato Producing Countries

Tomatoes are a common edible fruit enjoyed by people all over the globe and utilized in a variety of cuisines. The plant can only be found in Central and South America.

Different tomato types are now planted in temperate areas and greenhouse settings, allowing the plant to flourish all year.

In its native land, the tomato plant is a perennial, although it is cultivated as an annual elsewhere. China, India, and Turkey are the top three tomato-producing nations in the world as of 2017. In this area, the United States is ranked fourth.

The 19 nations that produce more than 1,000,000 tonnes of tomatoes each year are listed in the table below.

List of Tomato-Producing Countries

  • Worldwide Each year, 177,118,248 tonnes of tomatoes are produced.
  • With a production capacity of 56,423,811 tonnes per year, China is the world’s greatest tomato grower.
  • India is in second place, producing 18,399,000 tonnes per year.
CountryProduction (Tons)Production per Person (Kg)Acreage (Hectare)Yield (Kg / Hectare)
United States of America13.038.41039,78144.41090.287,4
Russian Federation2.986.20920,331118.45125.210,5

The Tomato Plant’s Botany

The tomato plant is a vine that grows up to 180 cm above ground level. The plant is a dicot with a number of branching stems that grow in a spiral pattern. The real growth is controlled by the terminal bud.

Short, thin hairs cover the vines, which develop into roots when they come into touch with the earth. Compound leaves are found on most plants, but simply leaves are found on others.

The component of the plant that is ingested is the fruit, which is categorized as a berry. Hollow regions in the fruit are filled with seeds and moisture.

Tomato Cultivation History

The tomato has been eaten since ancient times. According to research, the Aztecs of South America employed the fruit in their recipes. Tomatoes were being grown in southern Mexico and a few other places about 500 BC.

Hernán Cortés, a Spanish adventurer, is said to have brought the tomato plant to Europe for the first time. It quickly became a commonly farmed crop throughout Europe, and European explorers and colonists spread it to other regions of the globe.

Production Of Tomato

Tomatoes were produced in 170.8 million tons over the globe in 2017. China, the world’s biggest tomato grower, is responsible for 31% of total output. Tomatoes are commonly grown in China, either in open fields or in plastic tunnels.

Red or pink tomato types that yield huge fruits are often favored. India and Turkey came in second and third, respectively, with the world’s second and third greatest tomato output. Tomatoes are grown in a number of states in India.

Tomatoes accounted for 23% of total fresh vegetable production in the European Union in 2014. Moreover, half of this was made in Spain, Italy, and Poland. The previous year’s worldwide tomato exports were 88 billion dollars.

Uses Of Tomato

Tomatoes are 95 percent water, 4 percent carbs, and have less than 1% protein and fat content. These fruits have a modest amount of vitamin C and are often poor in nutrients.

Tomatoes are eaten all around the globe and utilized in a variety of ways in various cuisines. Tomatoes are used to make tomato soup and ketchup, as well as being consumed fresh in salads. Tomato juice is a popular drink that is often used to make cocktails.

Because tomatoes are acidic, it is simple to make tomato pastes and sauces at home. These fruits are often used in pizzas and another Italian cuisine. Tomatoes are a popular tomato in Indian cuisine because of the acidic taste they bring to the dish.

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