Tamworth Population 2022 Statistics 

Tamworth is a city in the region of New South Wales. The city is estimated to have several more than 62,000 residents. Tamworth is part of the New England region of NSW.

The distance between Sydney Tamworth and Sydney Tamworth is 420 km. Tamworth is situated midway in between Sydney as well as Brisbane.

Based on our research, the Tamworth population will be 64,526 by the end of June 2022. We use the end of June every year because Australia Bureau Statistics ABS consistently adhere to Australia fiscal year to releasing the figures.

The calculation is based upon the average growth rate of 0.95 percent over the last ten years, starting in 2011. We believe that using the latest year’s figures (see our table in the next section) will help make the estimate more precise.

Population Growth of Tamworth

In the last ten years of the population growth in Tamworth, the rate of change has been constant and ranges from 0.85 percent to 1.10 percent, adding about 495 to 654 new residents every year to the total population.

The increase in population is due to organic growth, meaning that Tamworth residents are content with their lives in Tamworth. There aren’t many people leaving or moving in.

YearPopulationGrowth rate
201158,228 n/a
201258,723 0.85%
201359,263 0.92%

Demographics of Tamworth

According to the Australian census data, Tamworth is a city with various people and has a limited number of cultural and ethnic groups that live in the city.

The top five ancestral ancestries for Tamworth residents Tamworth comprise Australia (70.3%), Norway (2.9%), Philippines(2.1%), Korea (1.7 percent), and Scotland(1.7 1.7%). Five of the top languages (other than English) spoken by people in Tamworth comprise Tagalog, Arabic, and Korean.

The demographics of the Tamworth area’s religions are: Tamworth includes: 23.4% Anglican, 22.6% No religious affiliation disclosed, 19.2% Catholic, 15.1 None, 5.4% Presbyterian and Reformed, 3.8% Seventh-day Adventist, 3.8% Uniting Church, 2.5% Other religious affiliations, 1.7% Pentecostal, 1.3 1.7% Pentecostal, 1.3 Buddhism.

Population Density of Tamworth

Tamworth has a total area of 9892 sq km. Tamworth’s population density is six people per square kilometer, making Tamworth one of the highest populated cities in New South Wales.

Occupations and Industries

The most popular occupations for people who reside within Tamworth are 17.9 percent of personal and community employees, 14.1% laborers 12.8 percent Management, 11.5% Professionals, 11.5 Sales employees, 11.5% Occupation inadequately defined/not stated, 9.0% Machinery operators and drivers, 7.7 Techs and merchants, 3.8% Clerical & administrative employees.

Tamworth’s primary industries that people from Tamworth are employed in are 15.4 percent Manufacturing, 14.1% Retail trade, 11.5% Education and training, 10.3% Public administration and security, 7.7% Agriculture, fishing and forestry 7.7 Additional services 7.7 percent wholesale trade 6.4 Food and accommodation services, 3.4 3.8 percent Services for recreation and arts.

Facts About Tamworth

  1. Tamworth has a mild climate, with hot summers with mild winters.
  2. Tamworth is also known for being one of the “Country music capital of the world, “the second-largest country music festival globally.
  3. The most well-known parks of Tamworth include Anzac Park, Bicentennial Park, and The Tamworth Regional Botanic Gardens.
  4. The city is also known for its status as “First City of Lights” as it was the first city in Australia to utilize electric street lighting in 1888.
  5. 54.6 percent of Tamworth residents living in Tamworth who are over 15 and classified as part of the workforce are employed full time.
  6. Aviation has become a significant element of the city’s economy due to the city’s good weather for flying.
  7. Tamworth is recognized nationally as the capital of sport horses of Australia and is also the home base for three major equine organizations: CHA, ABCRA, and AQHA.
  8. Tourism is an important business in the Tamworth area, with an estimated value of A$110 million annually.


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