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Tampa is a city in state Florida. Its population is more than 400,000. This is 1.7 percent of the total population. It is situated on the West Coast of Florida in Tampa Bay.

Tampa is the biggest city within Tampa Bay. The city is known as cigar city. The size of the city is 293.75 km2 and has a population density of 1,283.97 per square kilometer.

Based on our findings, Tampa’s population will increase to 415,174 by the 1st of July of 2022. We base our calculations on the first day of July every year due to US census bureaus typically publishing the estimated population figures for the same time frame.

The calculations are based on the average rate of growth of 1.65 percent over the last 10 years, starting in 2011. We believe that using the most recent numbers from the previous years (see the table in the next section) will help make the estimate more precise.

Population Growth of Tampa

In the ten years prior to the peak for Tampa’s inhabitants, the rate of growth is steady and constant, ranging between 0.63 percent to 2.45 percent, adding between 2199-817 people every year to the total population.

Many workers moved to Tampa to avail job opportunities in the city and this is a major reason for the increase in population. In comparison to other cities in Florida, Tampa’s growth rate is higher than the state average. It is among the fastest-growing major cities in the US.

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Demographics of Tampa

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 44.7 percent of the Tampa population is male, and 55.3 percent are women. The median age of residents is 34.7 which is lower than the other cities of Florida.

As for the distribution of age, the population of the city was distributed with 24.6 percent of residents under the age of 18 years old, 10.0 percent from 18 to 24. 32.3 percent from the age of 25-44, 20.5 percent from the age of 45-64, and 12.5 percent who were 65 years old or older.

The top race groups for people living in Tampa are: White(62.9%),Black(26.2%),Asian(3.4%),Native(0.4%),Two or more races(3.2%).

The top three languages (other than English) that are spoken within Tampa include Spanish, French and Italian. Spanish speakers comprised 17.8 percent of the population. French was ranked as the second most popular language with 0.6 percent, and Italian was third with 0.6 percent of the total population.

In terms of wealth for residents According to research conducted in 2006, the median household income was $39,602, while the median household income was $45,823.

The average male income was $40,461, and females’ average earnings were 29,868. The per capita income of the city was $26,522. 20.1 percent of the people living there and 16.4 percent of families lived below the poverty level. 31.0 percent of people under 18 years old and 13.6 percent of people who are 65 or older live in poverty.

Population Density of Tampa

The population density of Tampa is 1,283 people per square mile it is among the largest cities in Florida.

Facts About Tampa

  1. Babe Ruth hit his longest home run in an exhibition game in Tampa. It hit 587 feet.
  2. In the past it was likely a place for cigars, it’s still referred to as the “Cigar City.”
  3. Tampa is the home of Florida’s oldest restaurant (as well as the world’s biggest Spanish eatery).
  4. Ybor City is one of the most haunted cities around the globe.
  5. A huge pirate festival has been going on since the beginning of time! Every every year “pirates” take on Tampa in Gasparilla Pirate Festival. Gasparilla Pirate Festival.
  6. Tampa is the home of the longest sidewalk in the world, Bayshore Boulevard. The sidewalk is 4.5 miles long!
  7. Are you looking to travel to Cuba without having to leave Florida? Visit Jose Marti Park. Technically, it’s Cuban soil.
  8. Tarpon Springs has the highest proportion in Greek Americans in any US city in the United States.


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