Steel Production by Country 2022

When it comes to manufacturing anything from buildings to tools to vehicles to trains to appliances to infrastructure, steel is a crucial component. When it comes to materials, steel is one of the most versatile.

From 2018 to 2019, global steel output grew by 3.4%. In 2019, the world produced 1,869.9 million metric tonnes (Mt) of crude steel.

A total of 1,314.6 Mt of crude steel was produced in Asia in 2019, accounting for almost 70% of the total crude steel output 2019. When compared to last year, this is a 5.7% increase.

From 2018 to 2019, Asia was the only area to witness a rise in output. Steel production in the Middle East increased by 19.4 percent in 2019 compared to 2018, generating 45.3 million tonnes of steel.

In 2019, the EU produced 159.4 million tonnes of crude steel, a decline of 4.9% from the previous year. In 2019, crude steel output in North America decreased by 0.8 percent to 120.0 million tonnes.

In 2019, the CIS produced 100.4 million metric tonnes less than in 2018, a 0.5 percent reduction from the previous year. In 2019, South America’s crude steel output decreased by 8.4 percent to 41.2 million tonnes.

In 2019, Turkey produced 33.7 million tonnes of steel, a decrease of 9.6 percent from 2018. African steel production decreased by 2.3 percent in 2019, with a total output of 17.0 million tonnes. Oceania produced the least steel in 2019, with just 6.1 million tonnes produced.


Every year, China produces more steel than any other country globally. 2019 saw the production of 996.3 million tonnes of steel in China.

This is an increase of 8.3% above last year’s total. Its proportion of global steel production rose from 50.9 percent to 53.3 percent.

China’s steelmaking capability is nearly ten times greater than that of the United States. There is still a high demand for steel in China despite China’s efforts to reduce pollution by reducing production, so the output continues to rise.

China heavily influences steel production in the world. A downturn in China’s economy might significantly affect the global steel sector, given China’s leading market position.


India is the world’s second-largest steel manufacturer. In 2019, India produced 111.2 Mt of crude steel, an increase of 1.8% over 2018. This is only a small portion of what China produces in a year. “

No set annual target for steel production has been set by India’s Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, according to Dharmendra Pradhan, India’s Union Minister for Industry and Commerce.


In 2019, Japan produced 99.3 million tonnes of steel, making it the world’s third-largest manufacturer. This is a 4.8 percent decline over the previous year.

Japan’s construction industry, followed by industrial machines and vehicles, has the biggest need for steel. Steel consumption in the shipbuilding industry is the lowest, although orders have steadily risen.

United States

A total of 87.9 million tonnes of steel will be produced in the United States in 2019. This is a rise of 1.5% compared to last year. In 2019, the United States generated 8.8 percent of China’s output (87.9 Mt vs. 996.3 Mt).

The steel and iron sector has suffered a fall in employment over several years, although employment has rebounded recently. About 83,000 people in the United States work in blast furnaces and steel mills.

U.S. Steel, Nucor, Steel Dynamics, ArcelorMittal, and AK Steel are some of the major steel businesses in the United States.

South Korea

The steel industry in South Korea is a major contributor to the country’s economic development. The fifth-largest producer of crude steel globally, South Korea produced 71.4 million tonnes in 2019. Crude steel production is down by 1.4% from last year’s level.

Steel is one of South Korea’s main industries, electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, and autos. The steel sector in South Korea has been working to become more self-sufficient.

Due to this, from 2000 to 2016, South Korean steel exports jumped from US$7.6 billion to US$27.7 billion. Steel accounted for 5.6% of all exports from the country.

CountrySteel Production (million metric tons)2022 Population
United States87.9000334805.2690
South Korea71.400051329.8990
United Kingdom7.200068497.9070
South Africa6.300060756.1350
Saudi Arabia5.100035844.9090
Czech Republic4.600010736.7840
United Arab Emirates3.300010081.7850

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