Most Patriotic Countries 2022

To be patriotic is to have a strong allegiance to one’s nation. Patronism is a term that describes one’s attachment to one’s own country and its unique characteristics.

Patriotism may be mistaken for nationalism, an extreme form of patriotism, and chauvinism, an even more severe kind of patriotism in which a person becomes excessively biased and sees all other nations with scorn.

In the anti-patriotic philosophy, patriotism is immoral because it encourages individuals to unconditionally love and sacrifice for their native nation, regardless of how they have been treated there. Anti-patriotism.

A variety of things influence a country’s degree of patriotism. The first of them is that the individuals are all on the same page when it comes to their values. More patriotic people agree with public opinion and the government’s performance.

People are also concerned about safety because they believe their country can protect them from danger.

A third component is a country’s ability to provide for and enable its population to enjoy riches. Refugees are typically seen where security and riches are lacking or non-existent. Colleges and universities, in particular, are seen by some as potential threats to American patriotism because of their multi-cultural makeup.

Is there a country that is more patriotic than others?

Social scientists and other interested parties continue to develop statistical models and surveys to determine which nation has the highest level of patriotism. People from 19 nations across the globe were surveyed in YouGov’s worldwide study on globalization.

When asked whether they thought their nation was “the finest in the world,” respondents were asked if they agreed.

41% of respondents to a YouGov study said yes when asked whether My nation is the greatest country in the world, and 32% said that the US is better than most countries, making it the most patriotic country.

10 most patriotic countries in the world, according to a YouGov survey:

According to the survey, the percentage of people who think their country is the finest in the world:

  1. The United States — 41%
  2. India — 35%
  3. Australia — 34%
  4. The United Arab Emirates — 27%
  5. Saudi Arabia — 25%
  6. Thailand — 25%
  7. Philippines — 15%
  8. Indonesia — 14%
  9. The United Kingdom — 13%
  10. Denmark — 13%

According to WIN/Gallup International, a new survey was performed that questioned people in 64 nations whether they would be prepared to fight and maybe die for their country. There was a marked difference in the findings of this poll compared to others.

When both surveys surveyed countries, the proportion of respondents who felt their nation was the best in the world was lower than those, who said they were prepared to fight for that same country.

According to Gallup, MENA nations, such as those in the Middle East and North Africa, were found to have a higher level of combat readiness. Also worth mentioning, the study was conducted under the democratically-elected government of Afghanistan rather than the Taliban-led administration now in power.

Win/list Gallup’s of the world’s most patriotic countries:

Respondents’ willingness to fight for their country as a percentage:

  1. Morocco — 94%
  2. Fiji — 94%
  3. Pakistan — 89%
  4. Vietnam — 89%
  5. Bangladesh — 86%
  6. Azerbaijan — 85%
  7. Papua New Guinea — 84%
  8. Afghanistan — 76%
  9. Georgia — 76%
  10. India — 75%

The International Social Survey Program conducted two complementary polls to evaluate patriotism, one of the fascinating metrics. One gauged overall pride in the country but contained a few more controversial questions.

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Second, domain-specific national pride was assessed by looking at how proud people were of their country.

Countries with the Highest Levels of National Self-Esteem in 2003-04:

RankCountryGeneral PrideDomain-Specific Pride
1 (tie)United States17.74.0
1 (tie)Venezuela18.43.6
5South Africa17.02.7
8New Zealand16.62.6

Here are the top 10 most patriotic countries:

  1. United States (41.00%)
  2. India (36.00%)
  3. Australia (34.00%)
  4. United Arab Emirates (27.00%)
  5. Thailand (25.00%)
  6. Saudi Arabia (25.00%)
  7. Philippines (15.00%)
  8. Indonesia (14.00%)
  9. United Kingdom (13.00%)
  10. Denmark (13.00%)

Country% of People Thinking Their Country is the Best2022 Population
United States41338289.8570
United Arab Emirates279441.1290
Saudi Arabia2536408.8200
United Kingdom1367508.9360
Hong Kong87488.8650

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