Most Homophobic Countries 2022

Same-Sex Death Penalty

Nigeria’s north

The northern states of this nation are home to the death sentence for same-sex conduct, making it one of Newsweek’s top 12 most homophobic countries of 2014.

According to reports, in 2021, it is also the most hazardous area globally for those attracted to the same sex. In one case, a person was sentenced to 14 years in jail for sexual preference for the other sex.


Brunei has softened its stance on the death sentence for persons who engage in same-sex acts as of 2019. The ILGA World revealed that the nation continues to utilize death punishment, published in December 2020.

In the absence of the death penalty, men and women who have same-sex relations will continue to be subjected to corporal punishment until 2021.


Additionally, this county ranks 15th on the list of the most unsafe for LGBTQIA visitors. Those found guilty of having sex with another person are sentenced to 100 lashes if not the death penalty.

For other non-intercourse activities of same-sex, the punishment is normally 31 whips. Gender reassignment surgery is the lone exception to this rule.


Sex between two women may result in up to two years in jail, depending on the severity of the crime committed. Fines they pay might pay to vary from 5,000 to 60,000 Mauritanian Ouguiya (approximately $138-$1661).

Laws indicate that males who have intercourse with one another shall face execution by stoning. The rule, however, hasn’t been enforced. Still, this is one of the world’s most violent and homophobic nations.

Saudi Arabia

It’s one of the top two most unsafe destinations for persons interested in the same sex. Punishments that may be imposed include public whipping or lashings, flogging; life in jail; or death. Transgendered relationships, cross-dressing, and same-sex partnerships or marriage are illegal same-sex acts.


Sexual intercourse between males and men or women and women is punishable by harsh penalties. It is legal to imprison and lash out at 100 singles, but married males who indulge in same-sex conduct risk being executed.

Dangerous Same-Sex Travel


It’s the third most dangerous destination to visit for those who engage in same-sex relationships because of the potential for the incarceration of up to 20 years.

In addition to fines and flogging, punishments may be imposed. When coming to the United States, Asians who prefer the same sex typically worry about their safety. Transgender relationships are also illegal in this nation.


For same-sex activities, males may face 14 years in jail, and women might face at least five years behind bars. A man might be sentenced to jail for six months if he had hair that extends to his lips.

The encouragement of same-sex relationships by LGBTQ+ groups or individuals is strictly prohibited. The visitor attraction is the 4th most dangerous in the city.


Two women or two men who engage in sexual activity may be sentenced to three years in jail. A one-year prison term might be imposed for mimicking someone of the opposing sex.

Organizations associated with the LGBTQ+ community are prohibited from entering this nation due to legislation. It’s one of the most homophobic countries globally and is ranked as the “5th worst” for travel safety.

Country2022 Population
Saudi Arabia35844.9090

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