The Most Extreme Points Of The Netherlands

The Netherlands are in Europe’s northwestern corner. Low, flat land is the main feature of the landscape. The country’s land area is about 16,040 square miles, and more than 17 million people live there. Amsterdam is its capital city.

Belgium is to the south of the Netherlands, and Germany and the North Sea are to the east and west. The United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium, all share a maritime border in the North Sea. The Rhine River separates the northern part of the Netherlands from the southern part.

There are extreme points in every direction, which change depending on whether we are talking about the mainland or both the mainland and the islands (The Kingdom of Netherlands). This article looks at both cases from their most extreme points of view.

The Netherlands’ most northern point

Rottumerplaat Island is the northernmost point in the Netherlands, but Roodeschool is the northernmost point on the mainland.

Rottumerplaat is one of the Islands in the West Frisian area. It is at 53°33’18″N 628’41″E. The government set the area aside for different bird species to eat and raise their young, so no one lives there. Rottumerplaat is in the North Sea. It is between the islands of Schiermonnikoog and Rottumeroog.

On the other hand, the 2017 Census shows that about 860 people live in Roodeschool, the northernmost place in the country where people live.

The coordinates for the point are 53°27’56″N 6°44’48” E. The Roodeschool is in the municipality of Eemsmond, in the province of Groningen. The northern most of Roodeschool are where the Railway Station ends.

The Netherlands’ most southern point

At 50°45’01.5N 5°54’54” E, the border mark 12 in the municipality of Gulpen-Wittem in the province of Limburg is the most southern point in the Netherlands. The marker was built to show where the border with Belgium is the farthest to the south.

As of the 2017 census, 14,249 people were living in the area. The sloping landscape, which is unique to the Netherlands, brings a lot of tourists to the countryside in the summer.

But if we count the special municipalities that are part of the Caribbean, the southernmost point is on Bonaire Island, one of the ABC Islands.

This island’s Willemstoren lighthouse was built in 1837 at the southernmost point of the island at 12°1’26” N and 68°14’52” W. This is the most southerly point of the island. The area is known for diving; you can also find beautiful pieces of driftwood on the beach.

The most western part of the Netherlands

At 51°18’57″N 3°21’30″E, the town of Sint Anna ter Muiden is the most western point. The town is in the Dutch province of Zeeland. It is part of the Sluis municipality.

Few people live in the town. But if we look at the whole Netherlands Kingdom, the westernmost point is in the village of Divi on the island of Aruba. The coordinates for this point are 12°32’24″N 70°3’48″W. There are sandy beaches around the village.

Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean. It has dry, sunny weather, white beaches, and calm waves. Modern hotels and beaches have been built there.

Oranjestad is the biggest town near the point. But if we consider the special municipalities of the Netherlands in the Caribbean, the western point moves to the west of Lake Goto.

The salty lake used to be a sea bay. A 70-meter-wide bar of coral reefs separates it from the main sea. There are a lot of Caribbean Flamingos in the swampy part of Lake Goto.

The Netherlands’ most eastern point

At 53°10’49″N 7°13’40″E, Bad Nieuweschans (new fortification) is the most eastern point of the Netherlands. The village is in the municipality of Oldambt, in the province of Groningen.

It is close to the border with Germany. According to the 2004 census, about 1,510 people live in the small village. About 12 km east of Winschoten is the village.

In 2009, the word “bad,” which means “spa,” was added to the beginning of the name to promote tourism in the area. This is why the name is now “Bad Nieuweschans.”

The Netherlands’ highest point

At the height of 1,058 feet above sea level, Vaalserberg is the highest point on the Dutch mainland. The hills are in the province of Limburg, which is in the south-eastern part of the country. They are next to the town of Vaals.

The top of Vaalserberg, where the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany meet, is called Drielandenpunt (the three-country corner). Because of this, the point is a very popular place for tourists to visit.

But after the Dutch made the Caribbean a part of their kingdom, Mount Scenery took its place as the highest point. The mountain on Saba Island is 2,910 feet above sea level.

It is in the special municipalities. The scenery is a mountain that could be an active volcano. It has a lava dome on top. Scenery Mountain is a volcano that hasn’t erupted since 1640. It could be dangerous.

The Netherlands’ lowest point

Zuidplaspolder, near Nieuwerkerk aan den Ijssel in the Zuidplas municipality of South Holland province, is the lowest point in the country. 6.76 meters below sea level is where Zuidplaspolder is. There are often floods in the area.

The area in the west of the Netherlands is one of the lowest in Europe. The area is surrounded by dikes, which make an artificial water formation.

This means the area can’t get water from the outside unless the equipment is operated by hand. In the Netherlands, 26% of the land is below sea level, where 21% of the people live. Over the years, people have taken land from the lakes and the sea to make the low points.

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