Major Countries 2022

Is it possible that all nations are equal? The answer is no. Other nations may be larger, more powerful, or boast a greater gross domestic product (GDP). Although they aren’t always better, they get greater global attention and play an important part in global economics.

Identifying the world’s important nations is as simple as looking at the United Nations Security Council. In addition to five permanent members, the Security Council has 10 additional nations that serve two-year terms.

The five permanent United Nations Security Council members have the power to veto any substantive resolution, which is unwavering. Five nations have more clout than any others: The United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and France.

Major Countries 2022

Germany, Europe’s most populous and richest nation in terms of GDP per person, is another key player. International problems, such as the migrant crisis of 2015, have also been addressed by Germany to the best of its ability.

Japanese GDP per capita is one of the greatest in Asia, making it a formidable nation in its own right. Additionally, it is the world’s most technologically advanced country and one of the world’s most literate.

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The economy and news coverage of South Korea are not as dominant as those of China, but the country is nevertheless a major player in the world.

Because of its role as a symbol of the global oil business, Saudi Arabia, the country that rules the Middle East, is a significant player on the international stage.

The United States and other nations rely on Saudi Arabia for a large portion of their oil supply; therefore, keeping good relations with Saudi Arabia and trying to appease it are often top priorities. Despite its bad human rights record, appeasement is common.

Israel is a significant nation in the modern world, not because of its economic contributions but because of its pivotal role in the Middle East issues. Due to Israel’s military occupation and apartheid regimes, the predicament of Palestinians is frequently debated since it necessitates weakening Israel.

Because the United States considers Israel a vital ally in the Middle East, it is unlikely to bargain on Palestinian rights.

Some other crises in the Middle East involving Israel include Hezbollah in Lebanon, a contested Golan Heights area in conflict-torn Syria, and Israel’s involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Country2022 Population
United States338289.8570
United Kingdom67508.9360
Saudi Arabia36408.8200

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