How Many States in Mexico 2022

Mexico is a country on the North American continent, located just south of the United States of America. At a whopping 761,600 square miles in size, Mexico is a massive nation. Despite its name, Mexico is made up of separate entities called states.

The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean may be found to the east of the Mexican border. Western Mexico is bounded by the Pacific Ocean. Southern Mexico also has a shoreline on the North Pacific Ocean, which flows southward.

There are currently around 132,392,802 people living in all 31 Mexican states. The United Mexican States, which is located inside Mexico, rely heavily on the tourist sector, which has helped propel Mexico to the eleventh spot on the list of nations based simply on population numbers.

How Many States in Mexico 2022

There is evidence that humans have been living in what is now Mexico as early as 23,000 years ago, long before any of the modern Mexican states were ever formally established.

Although most Mexican immigrants come from the United States of America, where English is the dominant language, Spanish remains the national language throughout the country.

The golden eagle serves as the national emblem for all of Mexico. The golden eagle is so central to national identity that it even appears on the coat of arms. Mexico has precisely 31 different states.

Keep in mind that despite its name, Mexico City is not a separate state but rather the nation’s capital. To put things in perspective, Mexico City is very much like Washington, DC.

These areas are technically federal districts rather than states, yet they are sometimes referred to incorrectly as individual states.

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The territory that presently makes up the Mexican states was formerly part of other provinces, districts, and ethnic groups, just as it was in other nations.

Let’s look at every Mexican state and see when it was accepted and how it was divided up before it became its entity. Below is a table of the years that each Mexican state was officially recognised.

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