Easiest Countries To Get Citizenship 2022

No further payments or actions are necessary to become a citizen in most nations when a person is born. Birthright citizenship is the term used to describe this.

How many people want to change their nationality to another country or, in nations that allow dual nationals, become citizens of two countries simultaneously? Immigrants are more likely to experience this.

Many would-be emigrants are content with moving, while others want to go one step further and become citizens of the nation where they want to go.

Easiest Countries To Get Citizenship

Immigration and nationality laws vary widely from country to country. Consequently, the globe is home to many nations where immigration is simple.

Still, it also contains numerous countries where immigration is difficult, requiring more stringent regulations, time, and effort. In the same way, becoming a citizen is also a procedure that follows a pattern.

In nations where citizenship is easier, procedures are streamlined, and prices and criteria are reduced to a minimum. Most countries also provide a variety of ways to become a citizen.

In alphabetical order, below are the top 22 countries from which you may get citizenship.

Antigua and BarbudaGreeceParaguay
BelgiumIsraelSaint Kitts and Nevis
BrazilItalySaint Lucia
DominicaMexicoUnited Kingdom

A country’s citizenship may be established in many ways:

Birthright — The only way to become a citizen depends on where you were born at the moment. Any individual born inside the boundaries of a nation having birthright citizenship is automatically a citizen of that country.

Citizenship is often awarded even if the parents are nationals of a foreign country. This has led to birth tourism, in which pregnant women plan their travels so that their kids will be citizens of the nation they are visiting when they give birth.

This is not an option for those who are moving from another nation.

Descent/Relations — Citizenship is automatically granted to anybody whose parents (or occasionally grandparents) are U.S. citizens, according to this simple rule. In certain nations, only the father’s citizenship is considered.

A person’s wider ancestry may also be taken into account, depending on the country. For example, people of Arabian ancestry may find it simpler to get citizenship in the United Arab Emirates.

Marriage — By marrying a citizen of their new home country, unwed immigrants may typically get a faster road to citizenship. A year of marriage to a Spanish citizen is all it takes for foreigners in Spain to qualify for citizenship.

Naturalization/Residency — This is the most common way to become a legal citizen among immigrants and expatriates. No matter your marital status, family history, or country of birth, this path to citizenship is open to you.

However, you will need to put in a lot of time and effort. After a specified amount of time spent living and working in a nation, a person may apply for naturalization (typically five to thirty years).

Once that barrier is crossed, applicants must often show their commitment to their new country by taking language and/or history aptitude tests, conducting interviews, and paying citizenship costs.

Business Investment — Investing in (or starting) a company in a new nation is a fast and easy option to become a citizen in many countries. Despite the investment needs ranging from $200,000 to $600,000 USD, immigrants and ex-pats like this approach.

Military Service — Some nations provide citizenship to foreign-born citizens willing to serve in the military for a certain time, a less prevalent and less popular way.

Exceptional Ability — Researchers, sportsmen, and other professionals in high demand may be eligible for expedited citizenship in their new nations.

Examples of countries with straightforward citizenship requirements

Easiest Countries To Get Citizenship


Regarding accepting foreigners, Canada is one of North America’s biggest and second-largest countries, with simple residence requirements that lead to easy citizenship.

Candidates must have lived lawfully in Canada for three of the previous five years, have paid all required taxes, have passed the standard history and language exams (in either English or French), and have paid a basic processing cost of $630 CAN (for adults).

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s citizenship requirements are simple. However, there is a significant financial component. A monthly salary of at least USD 2,000 (or $1,500 for retirees) is required to get permanent residence in the United States.

Permanent residency in the Dominican Republic may be reduced to six months for married Dominican women and waived for married Dominican men. It takes around three years to become a citizen, which involves a medical test and an interview conducted in Spanish. Naturalization costs over $200,000, which is a considerable negative.


Naturalization laws in Germany, which has the world’s second-highest rate of immigration, are well-established. To become a German citizen, a person must have resided in Germany for six to eight years, passed German language and citizenship examinations, supported oneself financially, and have no criminal record.

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To become a citizen of Ireland, the world’s friendliest country ending in land, one must reside in the country for a year before applying for citizenship. At least four years must be spent in Ireland during the following eight years.

The residence requirement may be eliminated for people who can establish their Irish origin. Additional criteria are just as straightforward to meet.


It just takes two years to become a Peruvian citizen. The first step is to get a residence visa, which allows an individual from outside Peru to settle here permanently. The majority of these visas are granted within three months of application. The individual will have six months to complete the visa process once their application has been approved. ‘

Citizenship may be obtained after two years of residency in Peru. Candidates, unless married to a Peruvian citizen, must pass examinations on various topics, including history, culture, and their ability to speak Spanish.

The cost of becoming a Peruvian citizen is about USD 25,000; the government allows applicants to pay in installments to lessen the financial hardship.


By working in Singapore, starting a company, or marrying a citizen, one may become a permanent resident of Singapore. Citizenship may be applied for after two years.

One thing to keep in mind is that Singapore requires all male residents over 18 to do their National Service in the Singaporean military. The male resident may petition for citizenship after completing his National Service.

CountryPopular methodsBusiness InsiderWhere Can I LiveGet Golden VisaImmigrant InvestGlobal Citizen SolutionsGlobal RCG (Europe only)
Antigua and BarbudaBirth, Investmentfalsetruetruetruetruefalse
ArgentinaBirth, Naturalizationfalsetruetruetruefalsefalse
AustriaDescent, Investmentfalsetruefalsetruefalse11
BarbadosBirth, Naturalizationfalsetruetruefalsefalsefalse
CanadaBirth, Naturalizationtruetruetruetruefalsefalse
ChileBirth, Naturalizationfalsetruetruefalsefalsefalse
Costa RicaBirth, Naturalizationfalsetruefalsefalsefalsefalse
DominicaBirth, Investmentfalsetruefalsetruetruefalse
Dominican RepublicNaturalizationfalsetruefalsefalsefalsefalse
EcuadorBirth, Naturalizationfalsetruetruefalsefalsefalse
El SalvadorBirthfalsetruefalsefalsefalsefalse
GermanyDescent, Naturalizationfalsetruetruetruefalse8
GreeceDescent, Investmentfalsetruetruetruefalsefalse
GrenadaBirth, Investmentfalsetruefalsetruetruefalse
GuatemalaBirth, Naturalizationfalsetruefalsefalsefalsefalse
HondurasBirth, Naturalizationfalsetruetruefalsefalsefalse
IrelandDescent, Naturalizationtruetruetruefalsefalse2
IsraelDescent, Naturalizationtruetruetruefalsefalsefalse
LatviaDescent, Investmentfalsetruetruefalsefalsefalse
MaltaDescent, Investmentfalsetruetruetruetruefalse
MauritiusInvestment, Retirementfalsetruefalsefalsefalsefalse
NicaraguaBirth, Naturalizationfalsetruefalsefalsefalsefalse
PanamaBirth, Naturalizationfalsetruetruefalsefalsefalse
ParaguayBirth, Naturalizationtruetruetruefalsefalsefalse
PolandDescent, Naturalizationfalsetruetruefalsefalse1
PortugalDescent, Investment, Naturalizationfalsetruetruetruefalsefalse
Saint Kitts and NevisBirth, Investmentfalsetruetruetruetruefalse
Saint LuciaBirth, Investmentfalsetruefalsetruetruefalse
SpainDescent, Investment, Naturalizationfalsetruetruetruefalse13
SwitzerlandInvestment, Naturalizationfalsefalsefalsetruefalse14
United KingdomDescentfalsetruetruefalsefalse4
United StatesBirth, Naturalizationfalsetruefalsetruefalsefalse
VanuatuInvestment, Naturalizationfalsetruefalsetruefalsefalse

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