DMCA Ignored Countries 2022

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is part of the copyright law in the USA that governs content on the internet The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a 1998 United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization. 

So let’s see the DMCA ignored countries of 2022.



The stringent observance of laws protecting the rights of its inhabitants to free speech and privacy is well-known in the Netherlands. For this nation, copyright law governs, and DMCA is often ignored in favor of local laws.

Hosting businesses in Singapore, as opposed to the United States, are free to pick and choose what kind of material they accept.

DMCA notices, on the other hand, may force certain web providers to remove politically charged content. These warnings are normal and don’t relate to any particular nations, so as long as you stay with reputable hosts, you should be good with this.


Luxembourg’s progressive copyright rules are like the Netherlands in their emphasis on the free flow of ideas. Because local copyright infringement regulations in the nation are more stringent than those in the United States, receiving a DMCA notification is unlikely to result in an indictment.

Furthermore, because of the high cost of living in Luxembourg, most DMCA lawyers prefer to work on matters from other countries.


Sofia continues to defy U.S. law, notwithstanding the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite the dangers, they openly disregard copyright regulations and will never remove DMCA-protected material.

However, if your hosting company offers you enough money, they could hand you over to the police.

This is mostly because they are ranked highly on the global corruption index. You should avoid eastern nations and concentrate on western democratic countries if you wish to host political material in Bulgaria.


You may expect your website to be shut down by the Russian government if it is political. Russian bloggers and political activists have recently been imprisoned for operating such websites.

On the other hand, they are completely unaware of any copyright restrictions in the United States. Unlike in many other nations, piracy is commonplace in Russia.

Hong Kong

Despite its geographic proximity to China, Hong Kong has maintained its autonomy regarding matters of law. The government does not need a unique identification number before hosting your website in Hong Kong, as it does in the rest of China.

Hong Kong is a DCMA-friendly nation for political material, making it a good place to host it.

There’s no guarantee that your website will get a DMCA notice because of the continuous hostility between Hong Kong and China.


You won’t go to prison in Singapore for hosting DMCA-protected information since the government is lenient towards hosting companies. Consequently, companies seeking to develop DMCA ignored hosting in East Asia have discovered Singapore to be an excellent place.

Even though you’re protected by U.S. law, you might be held to ransom under Singaporean law.

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Malaysia is the greatest option for those seeking DMCA legal protection. Providers of host hosting services enable bitcoin payments while maintaining 100 percent privacy and untraceable accounts.

Malaysia’s sole rules against copyright infringement are those of the country itself, making it an ideal site for servicing nations in the Pacific and East Asia.

Country2022 Population
Hong Kong7604.2990

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