Countries with Red, White, and Blue Horizontal Flags 2024

The Dutch Tricolor flag was the first to use horizontal stripes of red, white, and blue. The first flag to use vertical stripes of three distinct colours was a significant innovation. The Dutch tricolour flag’s three colours stood for freedom and republicanism.

Where Did the Red, White, and Blue Horizontal Flag Originate?

There is a common belief that the tricolour flag of the Netherlands had a significant impact on the development of the flags of France and Russia.

The Dutch flag was the first to employ the now-iconic combination of red, white, and blue horizontal stripes, although many consider the flag flown over France during the French Revolution to be the most significant early design.

The design of this flag was very similar to the Dutch Tricolor, however, the colours were arranged in a vertical stack.

The French Tricolor, flown during the Revolution, is often recognised as a significant historical symbol. With this banner, people expressed their continued defiance against authoritarian governments.

The French flag is the one most often associated with the word “tricolour,” which was formerly used to describe any flag with a red, white, and blue design.

Countries with Red, White, and Blue Horizontal Flags 2022

Where Do We See a Horizontal Flag With Red, White, and Blue?

The horizontal stripes of red, white, and blue may be seen on the flags of several different nations. Colours are shown in a variety of orders depending on the country.

The Netherlands, France, Russia, Serbia, Chile, and Paraguay are just a few of the prominent nations whose flags have horizontal red, white, and blue stripes. While many nations chose deep blue and red, others choose a wider range of colours, including brighter blues.

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What Other Flag Variations Exist?

Several other sovereign countries’ flags have found inspiration in the Dutch flag and the French Tricolor. Today’s Russian flag, which has horizontal stripes of red, white, and blue, has a direct ancestor in France’s tricolour.

The Union Jack’s flag design was influenced by the French Tricolor, which has the same colours.

Several other nations’ flags now clearly take cues from the original’s red, white, and blue pattern. Some flags have horizontal stripes for a backdrop, while others include a seal or crest in the middle.

The original flags of Democratic Yugoslavia, Mordovia, and the Kingdom of Serbia all included this distinction.

The standard red and white stripes may also be seen on a flag that is a lighter shade of blue. Flags of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Montenegro, and the Republic of Crimea are all this shade of blue.

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