Countries with Red, Green, White, and Black Flags 2024

Despite the widespread association of the colours red, green, white, and black with Arab nations, many other countries have also chosen flags with similar colours. Many other flags employ these colours, but the most popular design has horizontal stripes of each hue.

Which Countries Use a Flag with Red, Green, White, and Black Stripes?

Countries with Red, Green, White, and Black Flags 2022

The flag of the United Arab Emirates is the one most likely to be immediately identifiable due to its use of these colours. It is a tricolour flag with green, white, and black horizontal stripes. A lone red vertical stripe appears on the flag’s left side.

Iraqi, Syrian, and Egyptian flags all use a similar colour scheme in a horizontal stripe pattern. The Iraqi flag consists of three horizontal stripes—red, white, and black—with green text in the centre white stripe. The Syrian flag has three horizontal stripes: green, white, and black.

Three red stars are placed in a row across the white centre bar. An emblem in gold and green sits in the middle of the white stripe on the Egyptian flag, which is otherwise red, white, and black. Yemen has a flag that looks similar, except that instead of green, it has red, white, and black stripes.

Which countries fly tricolour flags formed of red, green, white, and black?

Countries with Red, Green, White, and Black Flags 2022

Adding an inverted triangle form to the flag’s left is yet another variant of the striped flag design. The typical orientation of the form is vertical, with the triangle’s tip pointing toward the flag’s centre.

This pattern may be seen on the flags of many different countries, including Sudan, Jordan, Palestine, and Kuwait. The triangle on the Kuwaiti flag is a little unusual from the norm; it has a flat edge that points inward toward the flag’s centre, making it appear more like a trapezoid.

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Why Are Red, Green, White, and Black Used by Arab Nations?

The flags of Arab countries often, but not always, have the colours red, green, white, and black. These hues stand for the Arab world as a whole, with each colour signifying a unique and authentic aspect of Arab heritage and tradition.

The Rasidun and Abbasid caliphates were traditionally represented by the colour black.

The colour white symbolises the Umayyad and Fatimid caliphates. Islam, the dominant religion in the Arab world, is often represented with the colour green. However, green is sometimes used on flags to represent the rich agricultural soil of the region.

The Hashemite dynasty is represented by the last hue of the flags, a brilliant shade of red. An Iraqi poet made the earliest known reference to the use of these four colours together in the 14th century.

Country2022 Population
United Arab Emirates9441.1290

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