Countries With Polio 2022

The poliovirus is the cause of the crippling and sometimes fatal condition known as poliomyelitis. The virus may infect the spinal cord of an individual and cause paralysis (the inability to move certain bodily parts).

Here is the list of Countries with Polio 2022 –

  1. Pakistan More than 900,000 children was vaccinated against polio in May 2021, according to new research. There had been just one incidence of wild polio since 2020 when there were 54 cases. Even though it’s one of just two endemic nations left, there’s hope. Pakistan was among the nations affected by the 2020 Covid-19 limitations, which delayed vaccination in countries with polo.
  2. All Afghan youngsters will be vaccinated as part of Afghanistan’s Global Polio Eradication strategy. In May 2021, there were no new instances of wild polio (WPV1), but there were five new cases of vaccine-derived type 2 (cVDPV2) polio. Vaccinations have been administered to around 712,739 youngsters at this point.
  3. Emirates of the Arab States The United Arab Emirates started in July 2021 that it would pay for 16 million vaccines for children. A total of $9.5 million has been aside for this project, which is one of 84 high-risk areas.
  4. Nigeria Since 2014, there have been no new instances of wild poliovirus. There were no more instances discovered a year later. Half of the world’s polio cases originated in Nigeria three years ago. However, the shortage of polio immunizations during the Covid-19 quarantines, according to 2020 reports, put this region at risk.
  5. Sudan In 2005, the Sudanese National Immunization Days returned to reach some of the most conflict-ravaged areas. Participating in this vaccination campaign were UNICEF and the WHO, respectively. Things have gotten better in one of the poorest nations still plagued by polio. Unfortunately, in March and April of 2020, two more epidemics left crippled children. More than a dozen vaccine-related illnesses have been discovered in this area.
  6. Chad, which borders Sudan, has declared new 2019 polio outbreaks. Oral vaccinations transformed into infectious forms, according to reports. In 2020, the World Health Organization predicted increased cases due to vaccination interruptions.
  7. Cameroon, which borders Chad, new instances were reported in 2020. More than a dozen African nations are afflicted with polio via oral immunizations. The WHO’s decision to suspend polio immunization programs in 2020 affects it.
  8. Angola If the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, children would be unable to get the necessary vaccines. During the coronavirus lockdowns, several vaccination initiatives were put on hold or halted. However, before the end of the year, they had resumed.
  9. Congo, The risk of polio transmission will be present in more than a dozen locations by 2020. The polio vaccination of youngsters in this African country has been postponed because of coronavirus quarantines. Despite this, immunizations have been resumed.
  10. Zambia Immunization initiatives will begin in September 2020, but eradication attempts will take some years. Global polio eradication efforts are being tracked by the World Health Organization and its affiliates until 2020, particularly in African nations where polio is still a problem.
  11. Ethiopia borders Sudan, where two children were paralyzed in a 2020 epidemic. Nearby Sudan and Ethiopia are the two countries where these polio outbreaks occurred. Most of Africa will be free of poliomyelitis and associated strains by 2021.
  12. Eritrea This country has an international border with Sudan. There were two major polio outbreaks along the Sudanese border where Eritrea and Ethiopia meet. There have been outbreaks in the Sudanese states of South Darfur and Gedarif. Covid-19 limitations were repealed at the end of 2020, allowing African eradication attempts to restart.

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Country2022 Population
United Arab Emirates10081.7850
Republic of the Congo5797.8050

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