Countries With Flags That Look Alike 2022

A country’s flag is only one of several symbols that identify it. The national flag is one of these emblems. The national flags of two nations are generally distinct enough that it is simple to distinguish which one symbolizes which country.

In certain cases, it may be difficult to distinguish which flag belongs to which nation because of its many similarities. Here are a few flags that have a striking resemblance.

Similarities Between the Flags of Romania and Chad

Countries With Flags That Look Alike 2022

Despite their great differences, Romania’s flag and Africa’s flag of Chad have a lot in common, as do many other flags. Blue, yellow, and red stripes adorn the flags of both nations. Since both flags have blue stripes followed by yellow and red stripes, the sequence of the colors is precisely the same.

Of course, the histories of these two flags are opposed. A green horizontal stripe on the Chadian flag was changed with a blue horizontal stripe because the Chadian flag looked too close to Mali’s banner.

The present Romanian flag is based on former horizontal-striped flags. Chad’s flag has a slightly different shade of stripes than Romania’s, which is the primary distinction.

Similarity between the Flags of Mali and Senegal

Countries With Flags That Look Alike 2022

The flag of Mali and the flag of Senegal are two other flags with numerous similarities. There is a lot of similarity between these two flags. Stripes of green, yellow, and red appear in the same sequence on each of them.

As with the flags of Chad and Rom├ónia, there are subtle variances in the hues used to make each of the three vertical stripes. Since Senegal’s yellow and green stripes are centered around a single green star, that star becomes the flag’s literal nucleus.

Similarity between the Flags of Australia and New Zealand

Countries With Flags That Look Alike 2022

Due to their shared history as former British colonies, Australia and New Zealand still fly very similar flags. Both flags are based on the British Blue Ensign, which features a blue field with a Union Jack in the upper inner corner.

New Zealand and Australia have a Union Jack on their flags, with a blue background. Although the Southern Cross constellation appears on both flags, the Australian flag has five seven-pointed white stars, while the New Zealand flag has four five-pointed red and white stars; there are some subtle distinctions.

As you look at the flags, you’ll notice a few changes in the tints of blue and red.

Similarity between the Flags of Ivory Coast and Ireland

Countries With Flags That Look Alike 2022

It’s more difficult to decipher why Ireland and Cote d’Ivoire have similar flags than it is for New Zealand or Australia. However, the two flags do have a striking resemblance. Irish and Cote d’Ivoire have flags with green, white, and orange stripes.

Despite the similarity in the striped colors, there are some noticeable distinctions.

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The Irish flag has three horizontal stripes from left to the right: green, white, and orange. On the other hand, the flag of Cote d’Ivoire has an orange stripe, followed by a white stripe, and lastly, a green stripe from left to right.

Since the flags are so similar, it’s easy to determine the difference between them.

Country2022 Population
Ivory Coast28160.5420
New Zealand5185.2880

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