Countries Where Alcohol Is Illegal 2022

The United States was known during the Prohibition period in 1920. During Prohibition, alcohol was almost totally forbidden; nonetheless, it is difficult to restrict alcohol because of its complexity.

Alcohol is the critical component in many hand sanitizers and is a powerful antibacterial that may help prevent illness. When serving communion, many churches opt for wine rather than grape juice, and other faiths often include alcohol in their ceremonies.

Today, alcohol is illegal in certain countries, completely or in part. There are large Muslim populations in all of these nations, as well as government leaders that adhere to Sharia law, a type of Islamic law.

It is strictly forbidden to consume pork and alcoholic beverages in Islam. About 14 nations have made it illegal or almost illegal to consume alcoholic beverages.

One of the world’s poorest nations, Yemen has forbidden the sale and use of alcohol to the point where Yemenis cannot buy or consume any.

Foreign visitors may buy alcohol at major hotels and nightclubs in Aden and Sana’a, Yemen’s two main cities. Drinking alcohol in public is illegal for non-citizens, even in modest quantities.

Except for Sharja, where alcohol may be sold, the UAE permits some sales. Non-Muslims in Sharja may get a government-issued alcohol license, allowing them to own and consume alcohol privately.

More than a dozen countries in the Middle East and North Africa prohibit the sale and consumption of alcohol; several states in India also have restrictions on the sale and use of alcohol (India is a Hindu-majority country but has a sizeable Muslim population).

Non-Muslims and visitors from other countries are usually exempt from these prohibitions. Non-Muslims are permitted to drink alcohol privately in several of these nations. Even though alcohol is lawful for non-Muslims, it is strictly prohibited in conflict zones like Somalia and Yemen.

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In Iran, the city of Shiraz is the name of a prominent wine kind called Shirazi. Alcohol is illegal for Muslims in Iran. However, it is legal for non-Muslims under specific circumstances. It is permitted for foreign visitors to take alcohol with them when they leave the nation.

Countries that have sought to restrict alcohol today have discovered that there are always exceptions to the rule, just as in Prohibition.

Country2022 Population
Saudi Arabia35844.9090
United Arab Emirates10081.7850

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