Most Educated Countries 2022

Educational attainment is a significant indicator of a country’s progress. Education is widely available and inexpensive in industrialized countries, and most people are literate and have a high school education or better. There is a good likelihood that these countries will be ranked among the world’s most intelligent nations. In contrast, literacy rates and the … Read more

Literacy Rate by Country 2022

To a large extent, a person’s professional trajectory is predicated on their literacy level or their ability to read and write clearly and accurately. There is a wide selection of jobs to choose from for individuals who can read and write, including highly-skilled, high-paying ones. Those who cannot do so have few choices; even entry-level … Read more

Education Rankings by Country 2022

To affect change in the world, “education is the most potent weapon you can wield.” He was an inspiration to all of us. There is a direct association between a nation’s educational system and its overall economic and social well-being, although education levels vary greatly from country to country. In general, inhabitants of emerging countries … Read more