Benelux Countries 2022

The phrase Benelux Countries refers to a collection of countries in western Europe. The three countries that make up the area—Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg—serve as inspiration for the name.

Much of the terrain in this area is either at or somewhat below sea level, earning it the alternative moniker Low Countries.

To commemorate the 1944 customs pact signed by the countries, they chose the name Benelux. However, it is now often used to refer to these three countries’ combined geography and culture.

Benelux Countries 2022

The Meuse, Rhine, and Schelde rivers are all connected to a system of canals and waterways here that facilitate the transport of goods. Along the river deltas, there is arable land that spans more than 3,000 square kilometres.

One of Europe’s greatest population densities may be found here. Additionally, it boasts one of the greatest population densities on the planet. About 90% of the population lives in urban settings, making this a highly urbanized area.

Brussels serves as the regional administrative hub. Although additional languages and dialects are prevalent, the official languages are Dutch and French.

Benelux Countries 2022

The combined landmass of the Benelux states is a whopping 28,825 square kilometres. Population density is over 1,011 persons per square mile, with an estimated 29.3 million residents.

More than 17 million people call the Netherlands home, making it the most populated of these countries. With slightly over 575k, Luxembourg is the least populous country in Europe.

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The Benelux nations are home to a significant number of European megacities. Both Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and Brussels, in Belgium, have populations of over 2 million people.

Cities like Antwerp and Liege in Belgium, Rotterdam and The Hague in the Netherlands, Luxembourg City and Esch-Sur-Alzette in Luxembourg are also important.

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