Arranged Marriage Countries 2022


A prevalent belief in arranged weddings is rooted in Indian culture. The majority of Indian marriages occur between members of the same community, caste, or religion. It is also favorable if the boy or the boy’s family is financially secure to get into a marriage arrangement.

Similarly, pale skin is highly prized among young women. The compatibility of family members may also be determined by consulting a horoscope.


Arranged marriages were utilized as a political strategy in Imperial China to cement family relations. Families in the lower social strata who worked for the affluent would marry off their daughters to ensure their financial well-being.

However, although the 1950 Marriage Law made planned marriage illegal, parents continue to play a significant role in contemporary Chinese weddings.


In Pakistan, most arranged weddings begin with a proposal, followed by an engagement ceremony and the wedding ceremony if the girl agrees.

Although they are prevalent in Muslim communities worldwide, these marriages are typically subject to Islamic marital legislation. As a result of this practice, Pakistani men and women are pushed into marriages that violate their human rights.


Marriage contracts in Japan are referred to as omiai. Email is a Japanese custom that includes a middleman setting updates for single Japanese men and women. Dating and matching services are being offered by firms and corporations as well. Japan’s arranged marriage rate is decreasing, though.


The groom’s family traditionally initiates arranged weddings in Iran by submitting a formal marriage proposal. The Iranian government has launched a Muslim dating app to keep up with the times. This state-approved app has been developed to protect Iranian family values and culture.


Iraq is a traditionally conservative society where women have a lower social position than males. As a result, some planned weddings are oppressive to women, who are sometimes coerced into the child or forced marriages.

Arranging marriages in Arab nations like Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine is not uncommon.


In rural regions of Indonesia, arranged marriages are frequent, including, in certain cases, child marriages. Indonesia’s parliament has to change the Marriage Act to make it permissible for a girl of 19 years to be married.

In rural Indonesia, most arranged marriages are based on financial considerations.


Bangladesh is one of the nations where arranged marriages are a problem, as is India. In Bangladesh, arranged weddings have been practiced for centuries and represent the union of two families.

Bridewealth or dowry, which is property or money that a woman’s family provides to her husband upon their marriage, is also a part of the notion in these cases.

South Korea

It is a firmly held custom in rural South Korea to have an arranged marriage, still widely practiced. Parents’ consent to a marriage is still highly appreciated, even though couples have a greater choice to choose their spouse.

A marriage broker may be called in to handle the details in certain cases. Using these marriage brokers, parents may guarantee that their children are married to someone who shares their values.

Country2022 Population
South Korea51329.8990

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