12 Letter Countries

Given that there are presently 195 nations around the globe, varying name lengths are expected. Numerous influential nations have the same number of letters in their names: 12. Read on for a breakdown of some of the world’s most well-known nations whose names include exactly 12 letters.

United States

12 Letter Countries

Although its full name, The United States of America, has 24 letters, The United States of America, with 12 letters, is still perhaps the most well-known 12-letter country name.

Great Britain

12 Letter Countries

The United Kingdom, or Great Britain, is another well-known nation with just 12 letters in its name. England, Wales, and Scotland (plus a sliver of Ireland) make up Great Britain.

Australia and Canada are only two of the many nations that are part of the British Commonwealth. We may attribute much of our contemporary way of life to British culture, which has had an outsized impact on the world.

New Caledonia

12 Letter Countries

Several islands in the Pacific Ocean make up the country of New Caledonia. One of the world’s biggest natural lagoons may be found in this French territory. Beautiful and unusual, this nation is a cultural collision of Pacific and French influences.

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French Guiana

12 Letter Countries

French Guiana is a South American territory characterized by a particularly lush tropical forest. The capital city of Cayenne exemplifies the influence of French culture on the rest of the country.


12 Letter Countries

The name of the country of Turkmenistan may be expressed entirely by a single 12-letter word. This nation is now completely autonomous despite having formerly been a part of the Soviet Union.

Its capital and biggest city, Ashgabat, is situated in Central Asia. The country’s legacy is characterized by a unique blending of Russian, Middle Eastern, & Turkish cultural elements.

Country2022 Population
United States338289.8570
French Guiana304.5570
New Caledonia289.9500

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