Protestant Countries 2022

  1. United States There are 160 million Protestants living in the United States, making it the country with the world’s highest Protestant population. About 20% of the world’s Protestant population lives in the United States. America has been a Protestant country since the United States was a British colony. Along the East Coast and at universities like Harvard and Yale, you’ll find most of the country’s Protestants.

  1. Nigeria At 85 million, Nigeria has a significant percentage of Christians in its population. Nigeria has the most Christians in Africa, with a Protestant population of 60 million. Nigeria has been influenced as a British colony, but the Christian-Muslim conflict persists.
  1. China Although China has the most population; it does not have the greatest number of Protestants. With an estimated population of 58 million Protestants, it will take third place on the list. With a 10-percent annual growth rate, Christianity is China’s fastest-growing religion. According to some observers, by 2030, China will have more Protestants than the United States.
  1. Brazil Nearly 90% of South America’s population is Christian, most of whom live in Brazil’s 185 million people. Brazilians are mostly Roman Catholic. According to one estimate, there are around 41 million Protestants.

  1. South Africa In South Africa, 85 percent of the population is Christian, with 36 percent of the population being Protestant. South Africa has a population of 37 million people.
  1. United Kingdom It was formerly the biggest Protestant population globally but currently ranks only sixth. Almost 34 million of Britain’s 65 million residents identify as Protestant, making up nearly half the country’s Christian population.
  1. DR Congo About 95% of the population is Christian in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There are around 32 million Protestants in the country, which includes Kimbanguists. Protestantism makes up most of the country’s population, with over 48%.

  1. Germany Approximately 63% of Germans, identify as Christian. The Roman Catholic community has 29 million members or 29.5 percent of the population. There are 27 million Protestants, or 27.9 percent of the German population, following that. When a religious group broke away from Roman Catholicism to form their religion and church, many historians believe Germany was the first location.
  1. Kenya Kenya has a Christian population of 40 million people out of 48 million people, making up around 84 percent of the country’s total population. Estimates place the number of Protestants at 47.7% or around 24 million people.
  1. India The Christian population in India is very low, although the country’s population density is high. 2.3 percent of the population is Christian in India, with 28 million adherents. Protestants make about 19 million of them.

Country2022 Population
South Africa60756.1350
United Kingdom68497.9070
DR Congo95240.7920
United States334805.2690

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