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After Birmingham, the second-most populous city in the UK is one of the metropolitan boroughs, which is Leeds. Leeds.

It has an estimated population of more than 800,000. people. Situated within West Yorkshire, West Yorkshire of England, Leeds is considered to be the second-largest economic center in the UK following London.

The city’s indemnity and financial companies were responsible for a total figure of PS2.1 billion. Leeds is a city that has a lot to offer.

Leeds includes a myriad of stunning landmarks. It is home to the Royal Armories Museum, Leeds Town Hall, Kirkstall Abbey, Northern Ballet and so and so on. These must-see attractions are popular with visitors.

Our analysts have predicted that Leeds’ population Leeds will grow up to 840,083 by the end of July in 2022. The prediction calculation is based on an average rate of growth of 1.03 percent over the past 10 years.

Population Growth of Leeds

Leeds is now the third-largest local administration region, offering the equivalent of 4,80,000 positions in self-recruitment and recruitment as of the beginning of 2015.

With these possibilities and others, a lot of people from all over the world migrate to Leeds and settle there either permanently or temporarily, every year. The population is growing in Leeds gradually.

Leeds receives a significant portion of foreigners each year the rate of growth for the city is steadily increasing.

If we go through the last 10 years, we can see that the rate of growth has fluctuated. We’ve analyzed each aspect thoroughly and then presented the total population and the rate of growth within an entire year in one table.

As you can observe, the lowest increase rate of growth is 0.51 percent, while the highest is 1.94 percent, adding 3,870-15,100 to the total population.

YearPopulationGrowing Rate

Demographics of Leeds

According to gender, The civic subdivision is 100:93 ratio of males and females this confirms that the amount of females is greater than the male population in Leeds.

Leeds can be described as a town with diverse races, with around 85% of the city’s inhabitants being White people. These White people are classified as White British with 81.1 percent, 0.9% by White Irish, Gypsy by 0.1 percent, and Other Whites by 2.9 percent.

With just 7.7 percent of the Leeds population, Asians make up the second-highest percentage. Pakistanis comprise a 3.0 percent percentage of Leeds’s population. 2.1 percent of the residents of Leeds were out of India, 0.6% from Bangladesh, 0.8% from China, and 1.2 percent came from various Asian countries. Individuals from Arabic countries comprise 0.5 percent of the Leeds people.

In terms of racial representation of 3.5 percent, Black is ranked as the third-largest population of Leeds and the surrounding areas, comprising 2.0 percentage of African, 0.9% of the Caribbean, and 0.8 percent of other Black. 2.7 percent of the population is of diverse races like1.2 percent of the population of them are the white-black Caribbean, 0.7% are White Asians, 0.3% are White-Black Africans, and 0.5 percent are from another mixed race.

Following 2011, the Census of 2011, it was found that 92.9 percent of the Leeds people exchange information using the English language.

Therefore, English is the main language spoken by the people of Leeds. In addition to English, 0.9% of people speak Polish, 0.7% speak Urdu, 0.6% are Punjabi people, 0.3% chat through various Chinese languages, 0.3% converse through Bengali, 0.2% are people who speak Kurdish. 0.2 percent converse with French and 0.2 percent of the population engages in the conversation using Persian/Farsi.

Population Density of Leeds

The density of the population of Leeds was 1,416 inhabitants per square kilometer. In terms of urban subdivision, Leeds is fifth among the biggest cities in the United Kingdom.

Facts About Leeds

  1. Blackburn Type D is the oldest plane in Britain that still operates and was designed by Robert Blackburn in Leeds in the hands of Robert Blackburn.
  2. Leeds is home to the world’s longest running public railwaysystem, The Middleton Railway.
  3. Leventhrope Vineyard located in Leeds is among the top and adored vineyard in the north.
  4. Louis Le Prince in Leeds invented the first motion picture in 1888.
  5. Freeservers, the most popular UK web service, was established in 1998 by Ajaz Ahmed, who was the manager at PC World in Leeds, in 1998.
  6. Leeds includes around 250,000 students and 64,000 degree holders are enrolled at Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University.
  7. Leeds is one of the most green cities in Europe with its 2/3 of the area being covered in the greenery and woodlands.
  8. Tour de France 2014 was begun by a train that ran from Leeds to Harrogate via Hawes located in Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales.
  9. Leeds Carnival is the oldest West Indian Carnival in the Western Europe.
  10. Leeds attracts more tourists from abroad than traditional holiday destinations.


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